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All New Christmas Update 2023 In Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits has come up with an exciting Christmas event on the Winter Update on Dec 25, 2023.

The update includes one of the new mythical fruits: T-rex, which resembles the Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur.

The Christmas Update 2023 in Blox Fruits offers free fruit drops on the island every hour, candy from from NPCs which is tradeable with the Vendor, and a limited time Bundle.

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Winter Update In Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits has come with Update 21: Winter Update Part 1 including the Christmas update 2023 and new subclass.

In the Christmas update, players can get free fruits, obtain candies, and limited-time bundles.

Moreover, on the Winter update, the server error and the ship dragging issue are solved.

Players will no longer face storage problems in Sea 1, and can easily access under docks and can swim without inconvenience.

In addition, the new Blox Fruit Sub-class is Shipwright which helps to repair the boats.

Blox Fruits 2023 Christmas Event

Blox Fruits releases new patches often with exclusive fruits and updates to enhance the gaming experience.

Likewise, for Christmas, Blox Fruits offers the following rewards and bonuses;

1. Candies For Rewards

Players can get hundreds of candies by defeating enemies in the Christmas event.

However, the NPCs should be around the player level, or else the candies will not drop.

christmas event blox fruits
Players should defeat enemies of their level to collect candies.

If players are on a higher level, the probability of getting more candies is higher due to enemy difficulty.

Moreover, players can use the collected candies and trade them for rewards on the new island with a vendor.

The vendor spawns randomly around the new island in the third sea, so finding them might be tricky.

After finding the NPC, players should approach and click the Maybe option.

christmas vendor NPC bloxfruits
Approach the vendor and trade the candies.

Players can get fragments, star reroll, stat reset, race rerolls, and other rewards depending upon the total candies.

2. Free Fruits

Players can also get a chance to win a free fruit event every hour rather than three hours till Christmas.

However, players must go to the drop location on the island and wait till the timer runs out.

Christmas island blox fruits
Collect free fruits in the drop zone of the Christmas island.

Players will have a chance to get rare fruits and even Holiday Cloak accessory as a random drop.

3. Christmas Goodies

The Winter update of Blox Fruits offers exclusive skins and accessories in the Robux shop.

robux shop
Use the Robux to buy Christmas accessories in the Robux Shop.

However, the bundles are up for only a limited period; hence, players must make the purchase faster.

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The Bottom Line

Blox Fruits introduces new updates and exciting offers on special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, and New Year.

Hopefully, the Winter Update Part 2 will have more exciting rewards and higher chances of epic drops.

Nonetheless, if players invest a few hours and collect more candies in Part 1, they can earn various rewards and improve their skill set.

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