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Rogue Aspects For Twisting Blades In Diablo 4

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo 4 is an action RPG where players can select from various classes that suit their playstyle. 

Diablo 4 contains various methods of enhancing the player’s skills, and one of these enhancements comes from Aspects.

Players can obtain Aspects through various methods. Furthermore, for Rogues, the Baldedancers Aspect seems to be a great addition to their core arsenal because of its interaction with the core skill Twisting Blades. 

Continue reading to learn how to obtain the Aspect and its effects. 

What Is Twisting Blades In Diablo 4? 

Twisting Blade is a skill core to the Rogue class in Diablo 4.

It allows the players to impale a single enemy dealing damage and increasing the damage the enemy took from you.

Furthermore, the Blades return to the players after a 1.5 seconds delay. However, players need to dual wield to use Twisting Blade as they can enhance it.

Moreover, Enhanced Twisting Blades can deal with 30% increased damage when returning to the players. 

Once the players enhance Twisting Blades, they can further upgrade it to add more effects and damage to the skill. 

Here are the upgrades for Twisting Blades; 

  1. Advanced Twisting Blades: When they return, it reduces your active cooldown by 0.1 seconds per enemy they passed through; this cooldown reduction can go up to 2 seconds
  2. Improved Twisting Blades: Enemies have a debuff of Dazed when impaled by Twisting Blades. Dazed is a debuff where enemies cannot attack or use skills but can move. This debuff is similar to Stunned but a bit weaker. 

What Are Aspects In Diablo 4? 

Aspects are a unique modifier in Diablo 4 that can greatly change how your skills work.

Furthermore, players can collect Aspects from various Dungeons and Quests, or they can also obtain them from various Legendary Items as well. 

However, extracting Aspects from Legendary Items is the best method.

Additionally, if players opt to obtain the Aspects through Dungeons in the Sanctuary, they must add them to the Codex of Power to use later. 

What Are The Rogue Aspects For Twisting Blade In Diablo 4?

Players of the Rogue class can obtain an Aspect for Twisting Blade, i.e., Bladedancer’s Aspect.

Bladedancer’s Aspect is an offensive Aspect unique to the Rogue class. 

What Does Bladedancer’s Aspect Do In Diablo 4?

Twisting Blades orbit for a short time after they return to you, dealing [10-15%] of Twisting Blades return damage per hit.

Furthermore, the orbit damage increases up to [20-30%] of the return damage based on the return distance of the blades. 

BladeDancer's Aspect For Rogue Information Card In Diablo 4.
BladeDancer’s Aspect For Rogue Information Card in Diablo 4.

Where To Find Bladedancer’s Aspect For Rogues In Diablo 4? 

Players can obtain Bladedancer’s Aspect through two methods. 

The First method depends on your luck, where the Aspect is obtainable from a Legendary gear piece.

The players must extract the Aspect and install it on another Rare or Legendary Weapon. 

However, the previous Legendary gear piece will be destroyed after the player extracts the Aspect. 

The Second method is a bit straightforward; players must complete Jalal’s Vigil dungeon.

After the players complete this dungeon, it will unlock Bladedancer’s Aspect in their Codex Of Power. 

Map Location For Jalal's Vigil In Diablo 4
Map Location For Jalal’s Vigil In Diablo 4 To Obtain The Baldedancer’s Aspect For Rogue.
Note: Players must complete the main quest Stemming The Flow, in Act II of Scosgien, before unlocking Jalal’s Vigil Dungeon. 

The Bottom Line

Aspects can greatly increase the damage output of the skill of a character.

Furthermore, Aspects are not confined to only offensive Aspects; players can also find defensive Aspects.

Thus, players predominantly use Aspects to change how their skill functions. 

Hopefully, this article can help you find the Aspect of Twisting Blades and improve your gameplay in Diablo 4. 

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