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What Did Freya Ask Kratos In God Of War?

God of War, an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio, was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2018.

It follows the story of Kratos, a former Greek god, and his journey with his son Atreus in Norse mythology.

In God of War, Freya asks Kratos to become the new God of War, to maintain peace. However, they are seen together in Valhalla.

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Relationship Between Freya And Kratos

In the God of War video game series, Freya and Kratos have a complex and evolving relationship

Freya also known as Frigg, is the Vanir Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Death, Magic, Childhood, and Fertility.

Freya is the daughter of Njord and Nerthus, the sister of Freyr, Odin’s ex-wife and Baldur’s mother.

Kratos a Spartan Warrior
Kratos a Spartan Warrior, has godlike strength and an iconic weapon, the Leviathan Axe.

However, Kratos the God of War series, Spartan warrior known for his unmatched strength.

Throughout the series, he has defeated numerous Gods and mythical creatures, establishing himself as a powerful warrior.

Seeking revenge, he made a solemn agreement with the Greek god Ares to become his champion and ultimately earned the title “God of War.”

Freya saves Atreus, son of Kratos from a critical moment, which creates a somewhat positive connection between her and Kratos.

Kratos and Freya
The relationship between Kratos and Freya has been a focal point since 2018’s God of War.

Hence, Freya put a protection spell to protect the Baldur which turned out to be a great curse.

This had the unfortunate side effect of Baldur being unable to feel anything neither pain nor pleasure.

For this reason, Baldur wanted to kill his mother, but he was not willing to do this.

Moreover, as he loves Freya as a true friend, Kratos would rather risk his death at the hands of Freya rather than see her die.

Later, Kratos took Baldur’s life instead which left Freya in tragedy, swore to take vengeance against Kratos for killing Baldur.

However, as many things change in this game, this relationship does as well.

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Did Freya Ask Kratos In God Of War Valhalla?

In, God of War Valhalla, Freya asks Kratos to become the new God of War.

Even though Kratos is considered the retired God of War, Freya in the newly revealed Valhalla DLC asked Kratos to do so.

Moreover, she asked him to become the God of War who maintained peace, i.e., more like the God of Peace.

However, in the pre-released video, you can see him wiser than before

Moreover, while making a conversation with Mimir, he states that he wants to stop the war and is done with running for the title.

Are They Still Together?

As Kratos and Freya ended their relationship on bad terms in God of War, it doesn’t mean it’ll remain that way in God of War Ragnarok.

However, in God of War Valhalla, the latest installment of DLC in the God of War series you will see the Kratos and Valhalla together again.

Conversation entrance of Valhalla.
Conversation between them at the entrance of Valhalla.

When Kratos makes his first try to enter Valhalla he will get to meet Freya and ask her if she wants to join them however, she refuses it.

Moreover, it is up to them to maintain peace in all realms, achieving the positive future they imagine.

The Bottom Line

In God of War Valhalla, Freya asked Kratos to stop the violence and be a peacemaker.

The game features an open-world environment and allows players to explore various regions of the game’s world.

Hence it seems like they will be together in the game in the future.

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