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Daily Rewards Not Working In ESO: Claim Orsinium DlC

In ESO, many players are encountering the daily login rewards not working issue as the rewards seem to vanish into thin air.

Daily rewards are a feature that encourages players to log into the game regularly in Elder Scrolls Online.

These rewards can range from in-game currency to valuable items like Crown Crates, Golds, Tel Var stones, Riding lessons etc.

Despite players logging into the ESO daily and waiting, players are not getting the daily rewards as they should.

Continue reading to find out more about daily rewards not working in ESO.

2nd Daily Reward Not Working In ESO: Orsinium DLC 

In Elder Scrolls Online ESO, players can get rewards daily by logging in to the game every day.

However, players are encountering issues while trying to get the second-day reward of the week: Orsinium DLC.

Orsinum DLC is the daily reward for day two of the March 2024 in ESO.

Yet, even after waiting for hours to finally claim the Orsinum DlC, the timer rests for 24 hours from 0:00.

Daily rewards in ESO
Players cannot claim 2nd day reward in ESO due to the daily rewards not working issue.

The Orsinium daily reward will show you that you must wait and have many hours left until the reset to claim it.

It also greys out the last day as if you missed a daily login eventhough you haven’t.

This issue is happening for players who already have Orsinium DLC and also who do not have it in ESO.

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Fix Daily Rewards Not Working In ESO: Claim Orsinium DLC

To claim the Orisinum DLC and solve the issue of daily rewards not working, players must travel to the Deadlands.

When you travel to Fargrave or the Deadlands in ESO, you can claim the daily rewards for day 2.

If the second daily reward of the month does not unlock when you land in Deadlands or Fargrave, you must log out and log back in.

Fix daily rewards not working in ESO
Players must travel to Fargrave or Deadlands in ESO to claim Orsinum DLC.

Many players are frustrated as they are not able to get Orisinium even after logging in past 04:00 in the morning.

So, players can just travel to the Shambles Wayshrine in Fargrave and Deadlands to solve the issue.

Solve daily rewards not working in ESO
Go to Murkmire or Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern to solve the daily reward issue.

Players can also try travelling to Murkmire or Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern to solve the daily reward not working issue.

Travelling to Fargrave, Deadlands, Murkmire or Blackreach only works for players on PC EU.

But if you are on PC NA, you must travel to Northern Elsweyr to claim the 2nd-day reward: Ordinium DLC in ESO.

Reasons For Daily Rewards Not Working In ESO

One of the reasons for the daily login rewards not working in ESO can be linked to the player’s access level within the game.

In ESO, there are different access that players must reach to unlock features in the game.

So, daily login rewards are one feature that is only available after reaching a certain access level in the game.

1. Check Your Access Level In ESO

If you’re a new player or have recently created a new account, you are more likely to face this issue.

This is because you may not have reached the required access level to unlock daily rewards yet in ESO.

To check your access level, you must look for a tab above the missions or tutorials section in the game interface.

2. Reach Level 11 For Daily Rewards

If you haven’t reached the necessary level to unlock daily rewards, you must keep playing and levelling up your account until you do.

Generally, players can start getting the daily rewards in ESO when they reach access level 11.

3. Technical Glitches And Bugs 

Another reason for the daily rewards not working can be due to a technical glitch.

It is not surprising for online games to occasionally encounter bugs or glitches.

If you’ve reached the required access level but still don’t see daily rewards, there may be a technical issue at play.

4. Update ESO To Latest Updates

Players must troubleshoot the issue by checking for updates or patches from the ESO game developers.

Sometimes, a simple action of updating the game to the latest updates can fix the glitches and bugs in the game.

Additionally, you can try restarting the game or logging out and logging back in to see if that resolves the problem.

All Daily Rewards For March 2024 in ESO

For this month March 2024, ESO has various daily rewards for players that are better than the previous month’s rewards.

Players get two Crown crates on day one, Orsinium DLC on day two and more Scalecaller Crown crates on days three, four, five and six.

At the end of the first week, players get 500 Seals of Endeavor which players can use for trading costumes, mounts etc in the game.

1. Daily Rewards For Week Two In ESO

On week 2 of ESO, players get helpful consumables like Crown lesson riding speed.

These consumables help players increase their riding speed by 1 per lesson which allows you to move faster while mounted.

On days 9, 10 11 and 12, players get an Attribute Respecification scroll, Skill Respecification scroll, Crown soul gem, and Rosin respectively.

Crown soul gem in daily rewards eso
Players can get a Crown soul gem on day 11 of March 2024 in Eso as a daily reward.

Crown soul gem can be used to revive players and fully charge enchantments on weapons of any level.

Rosin allows players to increase quality from Epic to Legendary in Elders Scroll Online.

Similarly, on days 13 and 14 players get Instant All Research and Craglorn Welwa respectively.

2. Daily Rewards For Week Three And Four 

On week three of March, players get 10000 Gold, Riding lessons, a Crown repair kit, Dreugh Wax, a Research scroll and Iron Orc Welwa.

On days 22, 23, 24, and 25, players get 5000 Alliance points, Crown Tri-restoration potion, Crown lethal potion and Crown meal.

Likewise, on days 26, 27 and 28, players get  Tempering alloy, 5000 gold and Tel Var stones.

In the last three days of the month, players get 5000 Alliance points, 5000 gold and 3000 Tel Var Stones.

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