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Unsent Project Not Loading? Here Is Why

The Unsent Project offers a platform to share people’s unspoken words and reflections.

However, it is going through some issues because of which people are deprived of enjoying its emotional nature.

The Unsent Project has been experiencing some issues lately, i.e., not loading, and many users have reported that they cannot view or send messages.

Continue reading to learn more about why is Unsent Project not loading.

An Overview Of Unsent Project

Rora Blue, a Canadian artist and writer developed the Unsent Project.

She initiated this project for those individuals who can not express their feelings to the other person directly.

The Unsent Project
The Unsent Project is a collection of over 1 million unsent text messages to first loves.

Moreover, the Unsent Project is a website where you get a chance to post your unsent message.

In addition, this project is the online collection of Unsent messages to First Loves.

The messages they have submitted can be for their lovers, best friends, exes, parents, siblings, and even pets.

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The Unsent Project Not Loading

The Unsent Project contains various features like archive, submit, and search.

However, The Unsent Project is not loading at the moment, i.e., you can not access text messages that you share there.

Hence, you can access the website and it’s working well but the only issue is with its Archive feature.

Before, users were able to access the Archive where they could find the list of messages.

However, the team announced that only the submissions made before July 9th, 2023 are unavailable for viewing in the archive.

Hence, visitors to this site can view the recent archive messages.

According to the website’s creator, Rora Blue, this is because some people were using the website for hate speech, doxing, and other harmful purposes.

Therefore, she decided to disable the submissions and archive them temporarily.

Updates In The Unsent Project

The Admin of the Unsent project has made many updates throughout the year.

Developers of this site state that some people who submitted text were violating their terms of submission.

Hence, due to various reasons, they made an update showcasing the changes in the functions and they are discussed below.

1. Submit

For a few months, the Unsent Project wasn’t loading, the creators disabled submitting new posts on the site.

However, the submit function is back with the new update.

update on submit function
You can submit only one text per day.

Before users were able to submit the text as much as they wanted but now they allow only one text per day.

Moreover, the team will check every post manually instead of posting submissions automatically.

2. Archive

Users were able to see every archive text on this site but it is not available at the moment.

Developers are in the process of making some changes to the Archive function of The Unsent Project.

However, you can view the archive text posted after July 9th 2023.

Moreover, the Unsent Project team is planning to publicize those texts soon.

The Bottom Line

The Unsent Project allows you to convey the message to your loved one that was left untold.

However, the website is working properly but the site admin has made some changes.

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