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How To Upgrade Gear In Minecraft 1.20?

Minecraft is a sandbox roleplaying game that allows the players to build a world of their own.

Furthermore, the game also allows the players to craft different gears. 

In the 1.20 update of Minecraft, players are able to interact with various new systems. One of them is the new crafting bench. The new smithing table allows players to upgrade their gear using smithing templates. 

Continue reading to learn how to use the smithing templates, where to find them and how to upgrade gears in Minecraft 1.20.

What Are Smithing Templates?

Smithing Templates are the new crafting tools introduced in Minecraft 1.20 Update.

Additionally, the smithing templates have similar visuals to the ancient tablet. 

Furthermore, the smithing templates also have a symbol at the center of the tablet to denote the smithing template the player is using. 

Moreover, the players can obtain 17 smithing templates, however, the players can only use one of the templates to upgrade their gear.

The other 16 smithing templates are solely for cosmetic purposes. 

Which Smithing Template Upgrades Gear In Minecraft 1.20?

The Upgrade Smithing Template upgrades the gear for the players.

Additionally, the upgrade template is obtainable in the Bastion Remnant.

Here is a list of all Smithing template and their locations; 

Name Location
Upgrade TemplateBastion Remnant
Sentry Armor TrimPillager Outpost
Dune Armor TrimDesert Pyramid
Coast Armor TrimShipwreck
Wild Armor TrimJungle Temple
Tide Armor Trim Ocean Monument
Ward Armor Trim Ancient City
Vex Armor TrimAncient City
Rib Armor TrimNether Fortress
Snout Armor TrimBastion Remnant
Eye Armor Trim Stronghold
Spire Armor TrimEnd City
Silence Armor TrimAncient City
Wayfinder Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Raiser Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Shaper Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Host Armor TrimTrail Ruins

Additionally, the players can only obtain the Upgrade Smithing template in the Treasure Room of Bastion Remnant.

However, the Upgrade Smithing Template is a guaranteed find in the central treasure room of the Bastion Remnant.

How To Upgrade Gear In Minecraft 1.20?

The players need to obtain the Upgrade Smithing template from the Bastion Remnant. Once you have the template, you can follow these steps to upgrade gears.

  1. First, access the smithing table, and place the template in the slot in the left corner of the table.
Using Upgrade Smithing Template
You can use Upgrade Smithing Template to upgrade gears.
  1. Then, place your gear in the middle slot next to the template.
Placing Diamond Armor To Upgrade
Placing Diamond Armor to Upgrade
  1. Finally, place the material you want to add to the gear. The trims can only change the appearance of the gear. However, to upgrade your gear, you need to use Netherite for the upgrade material.
Using Netherite To Upgrade the Armor To Nether Armor
Using Netherite to Upgrade the Armor to Nether Armor

Furthermore, due to the Upgrade Smithing templates’ rarity, players are dissatisfied with the update 1.20.

However, the players can duplicate the Upgrade Smithing Templates.4

Duplicating The Upgrade Smithing Templates

Here are steps to duplicate the Upgrade Smithing Templates;

  1. First, place the Upgrade Smithing Template in the middle cell of the topmost row of the smithing table.
  2. Then, place the building block corresponding to the smithing template below the template’s cell.
  3. Finally, fill all other spaces with diamonds.
Duplication Process Of Template
Duplication Process of Template

Furthermore, this method should guarantee a duplicate of the Smithing Template.

Additionally, the corresponding material in the Upgrade Smithing Template is the Netherrack.

Here, the players can obtain other corresponding materials for other Smithing Templates from the overworld itself.

Note: The Chests in the Bastion Remnant may not contain the Upgrade Smithing template. Thus, it is better to duplicate the template rather than try your luck.

The Bottom Line

The players are unhappy with the new update, especially with upgrading their gear in Minecraft 1.20.

However, the players also hope the developers will increase the availability of the Upgrade Smithing templates. 

Hopefully, this article can show you how to upgrade your gear and make multiple copies of the Smithing template to use.

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