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Can You Upgrade Shields In Monopoly Go?

One of the features of the game is the ability to upgrade your shields, which protect your properties from being stolen by other players. 

Shields in Monopoly serve a core purpose since they prevent other players from destorying another player’s buildings.

Although the game allows you to upgrade your building, hotels and bridge, the Shields used for protecting them cannot be upgraded in Monopoly Go. However, with the new update, you are given the ability to change the Shields Skin.

This article discusses Shield and whether you can upgrade Shields in MOnopoly Go.

What Is Shields In Monopoly Go?

Shields play a vital role in defending players’ towns and give players a way to protect their financial interests.

Players can use it as a protective barrier and protect their buildings, hotels, and hotels from attacks.

As the player’s town grows the capacity of Shield also grows.

Skillfully using the Shield mechanism can help players quickly clear the game’s obstacles.

Understanding its mechanism is valuable to obtain victory in Monopoly Go.

Players have to be careful with their Shields. If they drop to zero, their building might get damaged.

Also, it can cause your networth to take a hit.

How Can Players Obtain Shields In Monopoly GO?

In the Monopoly Go, Shields are randomly placed in the property tiles.

Players must land on them to obtain/recharge their Shield.

Immediately after you obtain the Shield, it will automatically defend the building from other player’s attacks.

However, blocking an attack reduces it, so you have to keep recharging it.

This means they have limited use, so players must manage the Shield strategically.


Players can see the remaining Shield on the top right corner of the UI.

You can see the remaining Shield at the top right corner of the screen.

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Monopoly Go: Can You Upgrade Shields?

Unfortunately, players don’t have the option to upgrade the Shields in Monopoly Go.

However, players are introduced to new features on the Shields.

Such as a feature to change the Skins of the Shields, which stops the attacks in style.

While the working mechanism of Shields remained the same.

These Skins, however, provide an upgraded feel to the players.

How To Get New Shield Skins In Monopoly Go?

There are multiple ways to get your hands on the new Shields skins.

Here are a few ways of getting Shield Skins;

1. Quick Wins

Monopoly Go features various reward systems, such as daily and weekly rewards.

Make sure to check the weekly task and complete it because it rewards the Shield skin.

2. Tournament Rewards

The game currently features different tournaments.

It is similar to the weekly reward system; you must finish the task and reach the highest rank.

Finishing the tournament in the top position can reward you with in-game currencies, tokens, and Shield Skins.

Therefore, you can participate in the tournament, and if you complete on top, you will obtain Shield Skin.

3. Special Events

Monopoly Go frequently launches special events such as Cash Grab Cash Boost.

Furthermore, this event features Shield Skin as a reward if you win.

Where To Find Your Shield’s Skin Collection?

If you want to obtain a handful amount of the Shield, you might wonder where you find and equip these Shields.

The game ensures that you can easily access and manage the Shield Collection.

Shields Showroom
Shields Skins will be shown on this screen once you obtain it.

Moreover, the game provided players with a new Shield Showroom Screen to view and manage their Shield Skins.

Here are the steps for accessing the New Shield Showroom;

  1. Tap on the Shield Icon at the top right corner of the game’s main screen. This will quickly take you to the Shield Collection.
  2. On the game board, you can see teh 3D shield icon and tapping it will navigate you to the showroom.
  3. The most basic one is to tap on the three-line menu at the top right corner of the user interface and tap on the My Showroom.

These are the only ways to navigate to the Shield Showroom in Monopoly Go.

The Bottom Line

Shields in Monopoly Serve a Core responsibility to defend players’ landmarks.

The board scatters them randomly, and you will obtain one when you land on it.

Furthermore, the recent September update has brought some fantastic features like Shield Skins.

Unfortunately, there are no such features to Upgrade Shields in Monopoly Go.

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