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What Time Does Farosh Spawn In TotK?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is an Action-packed roleplaying game with numerous monsters to defeat.

Furthermore, players can go up against mighty Dragons in the Tears of the Kingdom. 

In Tears of the Kingdom, players can go up against various Dragons, including Farosh, the Dragon of Lightning. However, the Dragon has a spawn time that the players need to get right. Farosh the Lightning Dragon spawns from 12 pm to 1 pm from the Depths in TotK.

Continue reading to know the route of Farosh and what materials you can obtain from the Lightning Dragon.

Location For Farosh The Lightning Dragon

Farosh The Lightning Dragon spawns from the Gerudo Desert near the chasm entrance.

Farosh Spawn Route Totk
Farosh Spawn Route Totk

After the Dragon spawns, Farosh will fly toward Faron, enter the Depths, and return to the Gerudo Desert.

Additionally, here are a few tips for further interaction with the Dragon; 

  1. Farosh Loops from its starting area to its end point for exactly 12 in-game hours.
  2. Additionally, the Dragon hugs the Northeast side of the map, moving towards Faron.
  3. Moreover, being around Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower to interact with the Dragon is better because the area is easier to teleport to. 
  4. Furthermore, players can obtain the Dragon materials every 10 in-game minutes from the Dragon. 
  5. However, if the player equips a Rubber Armor, the Lightning damage from Farosh does not affect the player. 

Going up against any Dragon in the Zelda franchise is a daunting task. However, the items obtainable from the Dragons are worth the effort. 

Additionally, the players can fuse the materials into their weapons to increase the damage dealt. Furthermore, the players can use the materials to upgrade their armor. 

The materials from Farosh The Lightning Dragon can upgrade Armor Pieces like; Tunic of Memories, Fierce Deity Boots, and Cap of the Wild.

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What Time Does Farosh The Lightning Dragon Spawn?

Farosh The Lightning Dragon spawns in Tears of the Kingdom between 12 pm and 1 pm. However, players claim the time is not accurate for all players.

Moreover, players come across Farosh The Lightning Dragon at odd in-game times.

However, if you can obtain the sensor, whenever Farosh spawns, the sensor will notify you.

Moreover, Farosh The Lightning Dragon is farmable for 12 hours.

However, due to varying spawn times in some instances, players need to look for the Dragon actively.

How To Farm Materials From The Dragon?

The players need to be near or on a skyview tower.

Moreover, it is a lot easier for the players to interact with Farosh since the player can teleport to Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, the closest tower to the spawn area of Farosh.

Additionally, the players can fly off of the tower, use a paraglider, and shoot arrows at the areas that provide the players with the materials.

Moreover, Farosh is not as threatening as Dinraal and shoots Lightning bolts when the players get near it.

The materials the players can obtain from Farosh are; Farosh’s Scale, Farosh’s Claw, Shard of Farosh’s Fang, and Farosh’s Horn.

Materials Obtainable From Farosh
You can obtain different materials from Farosh Dragon.

The players can target the jaw or mouth to obtain the Shard of Farosh’s Fang, the Back area for Farosh’s Scale, Claws for Farosh’s Claw and the Horn for Shard of Farosh’s Horn

Furthermore, players also advise wearing Rubber Armor when interacting with Farosh since it deals Lightning damage.

Additionally, they can fuse the materials with weapons to boost their attack damage.

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The Bottom Line

Dragons in Zelda are primordial beings.

The players cannot kill the Dragons, but they can interact with them to obtain materials to upgrade their equipment.

Hopefully, this article can help you find Farosh and obtain the materials to upgrade your equipment.

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