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Vault Of Copper In Diablo 4: Complete The Questline

In Diablo 4, Vault of Copper is an objective of a questline called “A Body Stolen, A Body Made“.

Moreover, the objective is to find and clear the Vault of Copper where you must destroy the Corrupted Conduits.

Furthermore, the Vault of Copper is located deep in the Scosglen where you need to slay the Constructs to reach it in Diablo 4.

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What Is The Vault Of Copper In Diablo 4?

The Vault of Copper is one of the five Vaults that you can access in Diablo 4’s Season of Construct.

It is a large underground complex that was once used by the Vizjerei mages to create and experiment with constructs.

The Vault of Copper contains the Nursery, where they carve runes and symbols to enhance their constructs.

Vault of Copper
Interact with the rune to enter the Vault of Copper.

However, the Vault of Copper was corrupted by the demon Malphas, who used it to create his army of twisted constructs.

The Vault of Copper is now a dangerous place, filled with hostile enemies and traps.

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How To Find The Vault Of Copper In Diablo 4?

To find the Vault of Copper, you need to follow the Season of Construct questline in Diablo 4.

The questline will introduce you to Ayuzhan, who will guide you through the Vaults and help you unlock the Seneschal Companion.

The fourth quest in the questline, A Body Stolen, A Body Made, will lead you to the Vault of Copper.

Furthermore, you need to go to The Fells region in Scosglen and look for a hidden entrance to the Vault.

Fells region
Go to The Fells region in Scosglen.

The entrance is marked by a glowing rune on the ground and a stone archway.

However, you need to clear the entrance of enemies and then interact with the rune to enter the Vault.

How To Complete The Quest In Diablo 4?

Once inside the Vault of Copper, players need to follow these steps to complete the quest:

1. Search the Vault of Copper for the Nursery

The Nursery is the first area of the dungeon, where Zoltun Kulle created new life forms using the construct.

Moreover, the Nursery is filled with enemies where you need to defeat them to get there.

Furthermore, it is a place where you will find three Corrupted Conduits.

2. Destroy the Corrupted Conduits in the Nursery

The Corrupted Conduits are large machines that power the construct and prevent players from progressing to the next area.

Moreover, you need to destroy three conduits in the Nursery.

Destroy the Corrupted Conduits
Destroy the Corrupted Conduits in the Nursery.

Likewise, each conduit has a health bar and a shield that can be broken by attacking.

After destroying all three conduits, the door to the next area will open.

3. Progress through the Nursery

After clearing the conduits, players need to follow the path to the deepest part of the Nursery.

There players will find many enemies they must defeat to reach the next part of the questline.

Keystone Pedestal
Unlock the door by interacting with Keystone Pedestal.

After reaching the deepest part of the Nursery player will stumble upon a locked door.

Players can also unlock the door by using the Keystone Pedestal.

4. Destroy the Corrupted Conduits in the Cradle

After opening the door, players will enter the Cradle, the dungeon’s final area.

Furthermore, the Cradle is a large open space with a giant circular structure in the center.

However, the center is connected to four corrupted conduits that must be destroyed.

Destroy the Corrupted Conduits
Destroy the Corrupted Conduits in the Cradle.

Likewise, the conduits are similar to those in the Nursery but have more health and shield.

Moreover, they will also release shockwaves and summon more constructs when attacked.

After destroying all four conduits, you must defeat the remaining constructs.

Afterward, the quest will complete after clearing the area by defeating all the constructs.

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