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Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug: Causes And Fixes

In the video game Starfield, Sarah Morgan is a companion.

She was formerly a pilot for the United Colonies and is now a member of the Constellation, a team of explorers and scientists.

There are some reported bugs in Sarah Morgan’s companion quest in Starfield. One bug is that the game might not start the conversation with Sarah.

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Introduction To Sarah Morgan In Starfield

In Starfield, Sarah Morgan appears as a character.

She is a researcher for the UC Science Division and could be the player’s romantic interest.

Sarah Starfield
Sarah: Player’s first companion in Starfield.

She is passionate about finding new species and planets and is an Xenobiology expert studying extraterrestrial life forms.

Moreover, she has an alien pet named Fluffy, who is also clever, kind, and adventurous.

You can begin the “In Memoriam” quest by chatting to Sarah on the Constellation spacecraft, which reveals Sarah’s past.

You assist Sarah in investigating her brother’s disappearance, a pilot, during this mission.

Furthermore, you learn about Sarah’s ancestry and her reasons for joining the Constellation at the Colony War Memorial, which is the location of the quest.

Additionally, you can romance Sarah if you sufficiently complete the “In Memoriam” quest and gain her trust.

In Starfield, Vasco and Sarah are the only two couples-friendly companions.

Here are some of Sarah Morgan’s strengths and weaknesses:


  • Skilled pilot
  • Talented engineer
  • Kind and compassionate
  • Intelligent and resourceful


  • Can be reckless
  • Tends to put herself in danger
  • Can be secretive
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Sarah Morgan Bug In Starfield

The Sarah Morgan bug is a glitch that occurs in Starfield.

It affects the character of Sarah Morgan, who is a potential companion and romance option for the player.

Furthermore, the bug prevents players from recruiting or romancing Sarah Morgan and may cause issues such as dialogue errors, quest failures, or game crashes.

In the dialogue, Sarah tells you to find a power cell to access her brother’s ship.

The bug appears when players first see Sarah Morgan, a researcher for the UC Science Division, on the planet of Eos.

Furthermore, players who choose particular dialogue options—such as speaking rudely, sarcastically, or violently to her face this bug.

Players who fail a skill check or an effort at persuasion may experience the bug.

Players with a poor reputation with the UC Science Division or who have already recruited a partner may also experience the bug.

Sarah Morgan rejects the player’s invitation to join her crew due to a bug, and she turns angry or unresponsive after that.

Additionally, the bug prevents you from interacting with Sarah Morgan in the future and could impact objectives or people connected to her.

Possible Solutions To Sarah Morgan Bug In Starfield

Although there isn’t an official cure for the bug, some players have suggested potential fixes.

One involves loading a prior save before you meet Sarah Morgan and selecting alternative dialogue options, such as showing her respect, being friendly, interested, or both.

Another fix involves passing a skill test or an effort at persuasion.

Using console commands is another option for changing Sarah Morgan’s disposition and quest status.

However, this approach can have unforeseen consequences.

Additional advice for avoiding bugs in the Sarah Morgan quest is provided below:

  • Before you attempt to board her brother’s ship, finish all your conversation with Sarah.
  • If you find the power cell, you can try loading an older save or asking another player for assistance.
  • Have patience if Sarah does not accompany you immediately after you finish the mission. She could not be accessible in-game for a few days.
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The Bottom Line

Sarah Morgan is a great companion character in Starfield.

However, Starfield’s Sarah Morgan companion quest has a couple of reported problems.

Players may be unable to advance in the quest or add Sarah as a companion due to these problems.

These problems are known to Bethesda, and a remedy is being developed.

Players can try the fixes in this article to get around the bugs in the interim.

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