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Find The Vestige Of Betrayed Eliard: Lords Of The Fallen Guide

In Lords of the Fallen, Players are craving to find and get their hands on the phenomenal Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

This mysterious relic creates an air of fascination to draw players into its rich backstory and unique abilities.

You must go through many phases to find the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard. You must conquer the Lightrepear, venture into the Lower Calrath and defeat the foes at the Shrine of Adyr opening in Fitzroy’s Gorge.

Continue reading to find the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard in Lords of the Fallen.

What Is The Vestige Of Betrayed Eliard?

The Vestige of Betrayed Eliard is the game story that engraves the secrets to the history of Eliard and the betrayal.

Players must discover this powerful relic that is hidden somewhere within the game to access a set of unique skills and abilities.

Vestige of the Betrayed Eliard
Obtaining the Vestige will strengthen your character with new skills and abilities.

If you get Eliard’s Vestige, you can boost your combat skills with increased damage, new spells, and unique combat moves.

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How To Find The Vestige Of Betrayed Eliard?

Completing this milestone will strengthen your character and enrich your understanding of the game’s profound and engaging lore.

1. Battle Against The Lightreaper

To find the Vestige of the Betrayed Eliard, you must face one of the most formidable bosses, The Lightreaper.

If you can understand the intricacies of timing and precision, you can defeat the colossal boss in Lords of The Fallen.

The Light repear
The Lightrepear uses the strongest shield that emits a strange aura.

You must study its attack patterns and shatter its strongest shield that emits a strange aura.

Use your heavy attack and combos to attack right when The Lightrepear briefly pauses.

After defeating this adversary, you will spawn at the far end of the arena to venture on your quest.

2. Venture Into The Lower Calrath

As you venture further after you defeat the Lightreaper, you will come across a broken gate on the right-hand side.

Note that you must avoid entering the broken gate you see on your right.

Instead, you must move forward along the path ahead of you.

Thus, the straightforward path will lead you to Lower Calrath, where you must prepare for new challenges and adversaries on this journey.

The Pilgrim Encounter

You will encounter a Group of Pilgrims wandering around Lower Calrath.

This group of Pilgrims is similar to those you’ve encountered before but with a fiery twist.

Pilgrams lords of the fallen
You will encounter a Group of Pilgrims while wandering around in Lower Calrath.

Mind that the Pilgrims will shoot fiery projectiles instead of the holy ones you were familiar with.

Next, defeat this group of Pilgrims to move forward in your quest to find the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

3. Battle Against The Proselyte

You can wander around near the center of Lower Calrath to find a sloped path.

As soon as you find the sloped path, you must ascend to a circular platform with a large tree at its center.

Around the giant tree, you will encounter a Proselyte, who is undoubtedly a challenging enemy that will make you sweat.

Exit The Gate And Continue

After defeating the Proselyte, you can exit through the gate that will take you to another section of the area.

Here, you will encounter more enemies to dispatch as you make your way closer to the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

4. Finding The Stairway With Braziers

You must find a unique-looking stairway to move closer to your ultimate goal.

Hence, keep your eyes open for a stairway embellished with Lit Braziers on each side.

When you locate the stairway, go to the stairway and ascend to find where it leads.

Enter The Building

 You will enter a building as you reach the top of the stairway.

Inside, you will find various structures, so you must navigate through the structure until you reach the rear of the area.

Remember, this is an essential point in your quest that will take you closer to the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

5. Climb The Ladder

You will see a ladder when you reach the rear of the building.

In addition, you must climb this ladder to access the next part of your journey to the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

Follow The Path To Archway

Follow the path that leads you along after climbing the ladder, and at a point, you will have to climb down the ladder.

Thus, descend the stairs, where you will eventually spawn into an archway closer to your destination.

6. Get The Vestige Of Betrayed Eliard

Finally, after emerging through the opening in the wall, you’ll find yourself in the Shrine of Adyr, located in Fitzroy’s Gorge.

At the entrance of the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard, you will come across foes that will constantly attack you.

Dodge And Kill Enemies At The Opening

The enemies at the entrance of the Vestige will throw fireball attacks and dragon fire at you, so dodge it.

Enemies at the entrace of the vestige
Dodge the fireball attacks from the enemies at the entrance of the Vestige.

After dodging the enemies, you will enter the area where you will obtain the much sought-after Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

The Bottom Line

The Vestige of Betrayed Eliard is a powerful relic concealed within the game Lords of the Fallen.

To enhance your character’s abilities and delve deeper into the game’s narrative, you must obtain the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

By following these detailed steps and mastering the challenges that lie ahead, you can add this incredible item to your arsenal.

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