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Area Order: Exploring The Dark Kingdom In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is primarily known for its challenging gameplay, inspired by the Soul series.

The game has various areas and levels to explore, each with enemies, secrets, and bosses.

In Lords of the Fallen, Area Order refers to the sequence or order in which you should explore different parts of the game’s world, like a roadmap.

Continue reading to learn more about area order in Lords of the Fallen.

What Is Area Order In Lords Of The Fallen? 

The area order is the sequence in which you explore the different areas of the game world.

The game begins in the Abandoned Redcopse, a small tutorial area from where you will travel to Skyrest Bridge.

Eventually, from Skyrest Bridge, you can access all of the other areas in the game.

However, there is no set order you must follow, but there is a suggested order that will make the game more accessible and enjoyable.

Moreover, following the area order is essential because it ensures you face challenges that match your character’s level and abilities.

As you play, you’ll move from one area to the next, facing more formidable enemies and discovering valuable items and secrets.

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Area Order In Lords Of The Fallen

Here is a suggested order, and you can explore the area in any order you like.

However, this order will help you progress through the game and defeat the bosses logically.

1. Abandoned Redcopse

The starting area in the game acts as a tutorial and introduces you to the game’s mechanics.

It also contains the Umbral Lamp, which is a significant item in the game.

abandoned redcopse the starting area
Abandoned Redcopse is the starting area in the game and acts as a tutorial.

2. Skyrest Bridge

The game’s central hub is where you can access all other areas.

It is also home to the Vestige, which allows you to respawn at checkpoints.

Therefore, it is a place where you meet key NPCs and merchants and upgrade your equipment and rest.

3. Pilgrim’s Perch

Accordingly, it is a mountainous area with two levels: Ascent and Descent.

  • Pilgrim’s Perch Ascent: The first challenging area after Skyrest Bridge with formidable enemies that offers opportunities for leveling up and collecting loot.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch Descent: Part of Pilgrim’s Perch area, leading to facing a formidable boss and rewarding valuable items.

4. Forsaken Fen

It is a dangerous swamp-like area notorious for its poisonous waters, which feature complex-level designs.

Moreover, it is a home to the Hushed Saint boss fight with valuable loot.

5. Fitzroy’s Gorge

It is a problematic area, but it is also home to some shortcuts that make navigating easier.

Likewise, it is a narrow gorge with many enemies like the Ruiner that leads to the city of Calrath.

6. Calrath Slums

It is a ruined city with a large and complex area home to many enemies.

Moreover, it is populated by formidable Rhogar enemies where fire damage is typical.

7. Upper Calrath Mining District

The route from the Calrath Slums leads to the mining district with many maps.

There are no bosses but formidable regular enemies featuring challenging mob encounters.

8. Sunless Skein

It is a dark and dangerous underground area with water-level puzzles.

Furthermore, it is simpler to navigate than the city of Calrath, which leads to Calrth Cistern.

9. Calrath Cistern

Although reasonably straightforward but dangerous, it is a large cistern with many enemies and two bosses to fight.

It is home to the Skinstealer and Bringers boss battles that offer the choice to go up to Upper Calrath or venture down to Revelation Depths.

10. Revelation Depths

It is a deep, dangerous underground area with cliff faces, narrow walkways, and challenging enemies.

The final section includes a tough battle against Harrower Dervla, where following the Seek Scourings prompt for the Umbral ending is optional.

11. Upper Calrath

It is the upper level of Calrath, which is also home to the final boss and the most challenging areas in the game.

Additionally, it includes intense mob encounters with no boss where cleansing the beacon is crucial.

12. Fief Of The Chill Curse

It is a relatively easy snow area with a boss fight that can be accessed through Abandoned Redcopse.

Therefore, the key goals are to defeat the Hollow Crow and cleanse the beacon.

13. Belled Rise

It is a mountainous accessible area with a boss fight that links to Pilgrim’s Perch areas.

Hence, it includes challenges with difficult enemies that lead to the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

14. Manse Of The Hallowed Brothers

It is a large and challenging area with two optional boss fights, one of the most challenging locations.

Additionally, it is large, with numerous double-backs and hidden areas that require a specific key for progress.

a large and challenging area with two optional boss fights
Manse Of The Hallowed Brothers is a large and challenging area with two optional boss fights.

15. Tower Of Penance

Above all, it is a tall tower with a challenging boss fight at the top.

It is attached to the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, which involves scaling the tower and facing Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho.

The Bottom Line

Basically, each area offers a unique experience and contributes to the game’s progression.

Therefore, there is no specific set of area order that you must follow; it is up to the players.

But following the suggested order can help you with smooth gameplay.

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