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Exploring Vestige Of Marco In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of The Fallen contains numerous secret, thrilling, and mysterious vestiges.

Similarly, the Vestige of Marco in Lords of the Fallen is one such vestiges that serves as the checkpoint.

The Vestige of Marco the Axe is dedicated to the legendary warrior Marco. He had fierce combat skills and mastery of a massive battle axe. Further, he achieved fame through his battles against Adyr’s forces in the past.

This article discusses the Vestige of Marco in Lords of the Fallen and the secrets related to it.

Introduction To Vestige Of Marco Lords Of The Fallen

The Vestige of Marco the Axe is a multi-purpose location within the game; players can use it as a fast-travel point.

Additionally, it offers a place to rest, refill Sanguinarix, upgrade their character, and access other Vestiges.

vestige of marco
Players can rest at the Vestige of Marco or use it as a checkpoint.

Moreover, it also has a nickname called The Windmill.

It is derived from the large windmill structure located near the entrance of the Abandoned Redcopse area.

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What To Find In Vestige Of Marco?

The Vestige of Marco the Axe has some items and secrets that players can find including a Fief Key.

The key can unlock one of the three sealed doors in the Abandoned Redcopse area.

Additionally, players can acquire a unique item called the Mineowner’s Ring.

You need to shoot a hanging body near the windmill, increasing the chance of finding rare items.

Furthermore, players can find a concealed passageway leading to the Shrine of Adyr.

To access this secret area, utilize a Severed Hand at a specific Vestige near the windmill.

Further, you can acquire the Severed Hand by following the visible red lamps when using the Eye of Vengeance.

Players can obtain this item from a hidden area in the Abandoned Redcopse.

How To Find Vestige Of Marco?

To find the Vestige of Marco the Axe, you must go to the Abandoned Redcopse area.

You can access it after defeating the boss called The Beast.

Follow the guidance below for further steps:

1. Ascending The Stairs

After ascending the stairs, you’ll encounter a locked door.

However, instead of approaching it directly, you can just turn to your left.

Here, tucked away, you’ll spot the Vestige of Marco the Axe.

2. Unlock The Door

To unlock the door, you must locate a hidden key submerged in a nearby well.

Afterward, please go ahead and return to the base of the stairs and turn right.

There, you’ll discover a wooden bridge leading to a windmill. Cross the bridge and enter the windmill.

3. Find A Lever

Inside the windmill, you’ll find a lever that opens a trapdoor on the floor.

Further, activate the lever and descend to the lower level.

A well with a hanging rope will come into view.

Climb down the rope to the well’s base, where the key is located.

4. Exit The Windmill

Then, ascend back up, exit the windmill, and return to the locked door.

You can use the key to unlock it. Inside, a chest contains the Vestige of Marco the Axe.

Who Is Marco In Lords Of The Fallen?

Marco is a legendary character in the game Lords of the Fallen; the lamp bearers.

It is a group of people that travel between the standard and umbral versions of the world using unique lamps.

Moreover, he was once a sailor who, due to betraying his lord, faced execution for his deeds.

Also, his spirit now resides in the umbral realm, carrying a distinctive, fleshy axe that players can obtain.

Further, a side quest related to Marco involves helping him find his lost love, Eilard, another lampbearer.

Completing this quest requires activating four umbral eyes.

Further, you must unveil hidden umbral world locations, including the Vestige of Marco the Axe.

Thus, Marco’s tale is among the intriguing mysteries within the game.

The Bottom Line

In Lords of the Fallen, Vestige of Marco is a rare vestige player can find in the Abandoned Redcopse area.

Moreover, the Vestige is renowned after the legendary warrior Marco.

Also, Marco was a fierce fighter who wielded a mighty axe.

Thus, Vestige of Marco is a thrilling experience you might want to discover in the game.

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