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Discover Everything About Rat Hunting In Rogue Trader

Rat Hunting is one of the Companion quests among the four main types of quests in Rogue Trader.

Similarly, Rat Hunting Quest focuses on each character’s challenges and stories, making them more attractive.

Rat Hunting is a quest in the Rogue Trader game where players assist a character named Jae with her challenges. However, due to the latest bug, many players need help accessing the sewers even after reaching the appropriate point in the quest.

Continue reading this article to learn about Rat Hunting Quest and its recent bugs in Rogue Trader.

Introduction To Rat Hunting In Rogue Trader

Rat Hunting” is a task in the Rogue Trader game where players help Jae Heydari with her challenges.

In Addition, the main goal of this quest is to support Jae in overcoming her difficulties and obstacles.

Firstly, players help Jae explore the sewers to find the source of the rat problem.

Secondly, players might encounter challenges and problems while discovering the maze-like tunnels under Footfall.

Thirdly, players can discover secrets hidden in the underground passages.

Subsequently, the decisions made during the interactions with Jae might impact the path of the mission and Jae’s relationship with the crew.

Also, players can receive different rewards and bonuses upon completing the quest.

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Is There A Bug In Rat Hunting Quest?

The Rat Hunting bug is the latest bug in Rogue Trader, which creates problems inside Footfall’s sewers.

Also, the Rat-Hunting bug has caused an issue for the players while completing this quest.

Additionally, some players have discovered that certain parts in the sewers should be revised, making it more challenging to finish the quest.

Similarly, the player community has been discussing this problem a lot, and many are asking for a quick solution.

Causes Of Rat Hunting Bug

There are several reasons behind this bug, and among them, some critical ones include the following:

  • Selecting specific dialogue options, like the Dogmatic one.
  • Putting away Jae’s mission leads to unexpected problems.
  • Completing other quests before addressing Jae’s quest.
  • Improper interactions or poor dialogue selections with Jae Heydari.
  • Primary problems or bugs in the quest’s code or design.
Players having conversation with Jae
Players are having a conversation with Jae during the Rat Hunting Quest.

How To Fix Rat Hunting Bug?

Several potential fixes exist for this issue, some of which are as follows:

  1. Players stuck on the quest can manually use a toolbox mod to start Jae’s quest.
  2. Players should always agree to explore the sewers with Jae to avoid glitches and bugs in Rogue Trader.
  3. While conversing with Heydari, players should pay enough attention to their chosen conversation.
  4. Finally, avoid starting big quests that could cause problems with Jae’s storyline.

Players Discussing about Rat Hunting Bug

The Bottom Line

Rat Hunting is a companion quest that focuses on helping Jae Heydari overcome her challenge in Footfall’s sewers.

The most recent bug in the Rat Hunting quest prevents players from visiting the sewers, which delays the quest’s progress.

Players can solve this critical bug using the toolbox mod or by having a clear dialogue discussion with Jae.

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