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Discover Different Bosses Of Wailing Caverns In WOW

In WOW, players are curious to find out about the bosses they will encounter in the Wailing Caverns.

There are various strong bosses in the caverns that you must defeat to obtain BOP loots.

In Wailing Caverns, you can encounter various bosses like Lady Anacondra, Kresh, Lord Pythas, Lord Cobrahn, Skum, Lord Serpentis, Verdan the Everliving, Mutanus the Devourer, etc.

Continue reading to find out more about the Wailing Caverns bosses of WOW.

Wailing Caverns In World Of Warcraft

Wailing Caverns is one of the most thrilling dungeons in the World of Warcraft classic.

Furthermore, Wailing Caverns is located in the northern Barrens in WOW Classic.

To find this dungeon, you must go south of the crossroads and north of Lushwater Oais.

Besides, this dungeon is especially for lower-level players as Wailing Caverns is a level 15-25 dungeon.

Collect BOP Drops In The Wailing Caverns

In this dungeon, you can collect BOP drops by killing various bosses of Wailing Caverns.

Furthermore, BOP drops are the Bind on-pickup drops as they bind with you when you pick them up and become soul-bound to you.

But this can only happen after you kill the bosses and loot it from their corpses in the dungeon.

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List Of Wailing Caverns Bosses And Their Loots

There are numerous bosses in Wailing Caverns that you must encounter.

Hence, take a look at the bosses you must defeat in the dungeon for BOP drops and loots below:

1. Lady Anacondra

Lady Anacondra is the first boss you will encounter in Wailing Caverns.

Furthermore, she is also known as Scarletleaf, who you will encounter in the first cave of the Caverns.

Although she is the first boss, she is difficult to deal with as she has power abilities.

lady anacondria
Kill Lady Anacondra to get Belt of the Fang, Sepent’s Shoulders, Snakeskin bag, and gem of anaconda.

Lady Anaconda has abilities like Lightning bolts, Thorns Aura, Heal Touch, and Druid’s Slumber which puts you to sleep for 6 seconds.

Hence, you can get Belt of the Fang, Sepent’s Shoulders, Snakeskin bag, and gem of anaconda BOP drops from her corpse.

2. Kresh

Kresh is a turtle that you can encounter near the river of the cavern.

Furthermore, Kresh has a dangerous Crushing bite ability so if he bites your armor it will reduce its strength by 10% for 20 seconds.

You can obtain loots like Kresh’s back, a worn Turtle shell shield, and a Hematite Tortoise pendant.

However, Kresh is tamable by hunters as he has the turtle pet ability.

Hence, you can make him partially withdraw into his shell which reduces damage by 50% for 12 seconds.

3. Lord Pythas

Lord Pythas is one of the bosses in the dungeon who is a humanoid night elf.

He has similar abilities to Lady Anaconda as he uses Lightning Bolt, Druid’s Slumber, Thunderclap, and healing touch abilities.

Lord Pythas is a night elf who can slow your movement and strike you.

You must be aware of the Thunderclap as it will slow your movement by 40% for 6 seconds and it can strike you even if you are 10 yards far away.

Further, you can obtain various loots like Stinging Viper, Armor of the Fang, and Gem of Pythas after you kill him.

4. Lord Cobrahn

He is also a humanoid elf with striking abilities like Cobrahn Seprnet Form and poison.

Furthermore, Lord Cobrahn can shapeshift into a serpent for 5 min which increases his attack damage by 50%.

He also uses other abilities like Druid’s Slumber, Lightning bolt, poison, and healing touch.

When you kill him, you can obtain loots like Cobrahn’s Grasp, Leggings of the Fang, Robe of the Moccasin, and Gem of Cobrahn.

5. Skum

Skum is a lizard boss with thunder abilities in Wailing Caverns.

Furthermore, you can encounter him at the Crag of Everling section of the cavern.

Skum is a lizard boss who uses a chained bolt ability in Wailing Caverns.

He uses chained bolt ability that throws lightning bolts at you and can give you 32-nature damage.

You can obtain Glowing Lizardscale Cloak and Tail Spike after you defeat him.

6. Lord Serpentis

You can also encounter Lord Serpentis in the crag of the Everlying section of the cavern.

Besides, he is also an elf with abilities like lightning bolts, healing touch, and sleep.

Hence, he can put you to sleep for 20 seconds during the fight.

You can obtain loots like Venomstrike, Footpads of the Fang, savage Trodders, and Serpent gloves after you kill him.

7. Verdan The Everliving

Verdan is an elemental bog beast who is the toughest boss that you will encounter in the Wailing Caverns.

Furthermore, he has strong hitting abilities and can hit you between 200-300 with each attack.

His most powerful ability is Grasping Vines that grab you and immobilize you for 10 seconds.

When you kill him you can obtain loot like Living Root, Seed Cloud Buckler, and Sproid Cape.

8. Mutanus The Devourer

Mutanus the Devourer is the last boss you will encounter in the dungeon of Wailing Caverns.

You can summon him when you return to the entrance of the dungeon.

Additionally, he is the strongest as he can wipe out your entire team.

Mustanus the Devourer is one of the last bosses you encounter in Wailing Caverns.

Mutanus is immune to shadow spells and uses abilities like Naralex’s Nightmare, Terrify, and Thundercrack.

After you defeat the Mutanus, you can obtain a Deep Fathom Ring, Mustant Breastplate, Slime Encrusted Pads, and glowing shards.

The Bottom Line

The Wailing Caverns is going to be a thrilling yet exciting journey for you as it has numerous bosses with dangerous abilities.

Hence, you can use this guide to know the abilities of each boss to prepare yourself before encountering them in the cavern.

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