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From The Deep In Skull And Bones: Defeat Kuharibu

From The Deep is a mission in Skull and Bones where players have to investigate the mysterious sightings.

However, to complete the mission, you must be assigned to a contract, which can be found at Whispers of the Deep.

You, as the captain, have to head towards the coast of Africa and start your investigation in the area.

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What Is From The Deep In Skull And Bones?

From The Deep in Skull and Bones is a mission contract that players can claim by visiting the Vendor.

It’s a mission where players face the Sea monster while the mission only says to investigate the area.

If you read the description of the contract, you’ll find that the mission is all about visiting a location named From The Deep.

There you have to investigate unusual sightings of sea monsters and might have to battle the monster named Kuharibu.

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Where To Find Contract For The From The Deep?

The From the Deep mission is only recommended for high-level players with experience in dealing with monsters.

This adventurous mission might seem interesting, but it’s also dangerous because of unwanted encounters.

Follow these steps to find a contract for the From The Deep mission in Skull and Bones.

  1. Find the location named Whispers of the Deep at the northern part of the map.
  2. Navigate to the location by sailing towards the destination.
  3. At the sea’s edge, you’ll find a black person who is a Vendor.
  4. This guy is titled as Vendor for the Sea People Huntmaster.
  5. Go near him and talk to him by clicking the Talk option.
  6. You will get options for 2 missions.
  7. Choose From The Deep mission and you’ll be assigned to it.
Vendor for From The Deep Mission
You can find the vendor who assigns you to the From the Deep mission at Whisper of Deep.

How To Complete From The Deep Mission?

After you follow the above steps to find the contract, you will successfully accept the contract for the mission.

Follow these steps to complete the From The Deep mission on coast of Africa in Skull and Bones.

1. Fast Travel At The Location

You don’t have to manually travel through the ship to reach the location of the area mentioned in the mission.

So, Players can use the Ile Mical outpost to fast travel as the location is not too far from this outpost.

Fast Travel
Use fast travel to the outpost to save time for traveling.

2. Head Towards From The Deep

From the deep is also the name of a location which can be found at the west-north part of the map.

Therefore, after fast traveling to the outpost, players have to sail to the location while investigating throughout the sea.

From The Deep map
You can find the mission location on your map after being assigned to the mission and reaching the outpost.

3. Finding The Mission Area

Once you start your sail toward the location for the mission provided on the map, you will see a High beam of light on your way.

Moreover, the yellow high beam light, shining as if straight from the sky, marks the location you need to reach.

From the Deep mission
The High Beam light represents the location of the From the Deep mission.

4. Reveal Of The Sightings

As you reach the area, the objective of your contract will change into Slay the Sea Monster.

Hence, this means that you have successfully arrived at the location and now must defeat the Sea Monster.

Slay the Monster
Once you are around the mission area, a sea monster will appear.

5. Defeating Kuharibu

Kuharibu is the name of the Sea Monster that appears at the location which is a giant Tidehunter.

Now, you have to battle against the sea monster and claim victory to complete the mission.

Therefore, follow these steps to slay the Sea monster Kuharibu in Skull and Bones.

  • Use Ship’s canon to fire at the Monster
  • Make sure to maintain distance to avoid attacks
  • Use Flame thrower and high-damage weapons
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