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Obtaining The Krios Signa In Warframe

Warframe recently dropped their new update, “Operation Gargoyle’s Cry,” introducing a new reward called the Krios Signa.

However, it is a community event, which means that players must collaborate with their clan members for this reward.

In Warframe, players can obtain the new Krios Signa cosmetic after feeding sufficient curses to the Gargoyle statue in their dojo. However, players must grind for this event, as it only appears for a limited time.

Continue reading this article to learn how to get Krios Signa in the Warframe Gargoyle event.

Introduction To Krios Signa In Warframe

Warframe constantly releases new events, giving something new to their players to enjoy.

Similarly, they have released a new event: Operation Gargoyle’s Cry, introducing new quests and cosmetics.

Krios Signa In Warframe
The in-game display of Krios Signa in Warframe.

However, since this is a limited-time event, players must be quick to fulfill their objectives to access the rewards.

In doing so, players will receive the majestic Krios Signa which is the focal point of the event.

Appearance-wise, the Krios Signa is a crown cosmetic that appears in gold and blue colors.

Nevertheless, they must fulfill some prerequisites to collect the Krios Signa from the Gargoyle event.

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How To Obtain Krios Signa In Warframe?

Since the Krios Signa is an event reward, players must partake in the event to grind for this reward.

However, players must note that this is a clan event, meaning it requires communal efforts to complete.

To unlock this reward, players must fill the event objective bar with the help of their clan mates.

Also, players must place the Gargoyle statue in their dojo and decorate it to start the event progress.

Placing the Gargoyle to start the vent in Warframe
Placing the Gargoyle statue in the Dojo to start the event in Warframe.

Then, they have to feed the Gargoyle with curses to get closer to the objective.

Nevertheless, they must be aware of the Void Angel that can take away the curses given to the Gargoyle.

Hence, they must defeat it as soon as they locate it to save their progress in the event.

Finally, players can collect the Krios Signa from the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle after completing the event bar.

How To Collect Curses For the Krios Signa Reward?

For the event, the clan mates must give enough curses to Vigile Jahu Gargoyle to progress.

Therefore players must learn how to farm these curses to accumulate them for the event.

Firstly, players must update the game to access the new Operation Gargoyle’s Cry event.

Secondly, they must install the new Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in their Dojo from Albrecht’s Laboratory.

Filling all three curse bar for the Krios Signa
Filling all three curse bars to collect the Krios Signa.

Then, players must navigate to Deimos to take part in the Effervo mission to collect curses.

In fact, the three types of curses are dropped by three different forms of the Fragmented One. They are:

  • The Curse of Knowing (The Fragmented Suzerain).
  • The Curse of Seeing (The Fragmented Anchorite).
  • The Curse of Hearing (The Fragmented Zelator).

Afterward, players must fill all three curse bars by feeding the Gargoyle to complete the event objective.

Finally, players can purchase the Krios Signa after interacting with the same Gargoyle statue. 

The Bottom Line

The Krios Signa is a unique cosmetic that radiates an ancient empire aesthetic in this technological game’s world.

Hence, players must cooperate with their clan members to quickly complete the event quests.

However, they must be hasty to do so as the event only lasts until February 15, 2024.

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