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Warframe: Whisper In The Walls Mocking Whisper

Whispers in the Wall focuses on one of the main characters from the game, Albrecht Entrati, and new enemies.

However, players must learn the ways to defeat the new threat and to proceed in the game.

In Warframe Whispers in the Wall, Mocking Whisper is the new boss who is fast, has remarkable ability and uses it to fight against you.

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An Overview Of Whisper In The Walls

In the new expansion of Warframe, Whispers in the Walls,  players need to complete both The New War and The Heart of Deimos to unlock it.

However, this story mainly focuses on Albrecht Entrati and his journey in the game.

Whisper In The Walls is the new quest where players need to find and defeat whispers.
Whisper In The Walls is the new quest where players need to find and defeat whispers.

Moreover, Albrecht Entrati is one of the divine characters that has been in the background of the first story in Warframe.

However, this story will take players to the Entrati Lab which will host an expansion on the Necramech enemy faction.

This Whispers in the Walls is available as a free expansion for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Steam, The Epic Games Store, and PS 4 and 5.

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How To Defeat Mocking Whisper?

In Whisper In The Walls, players need to find the whisper bosses Scathing and Mocking.

However, Loid will help players to detect an ancient Grimoire from Albrecht, pick up it, and proceed further.

On the way, players will trip up upon a floating grimoire page and that is where the fight starts.

Hence, this whisper has every kind of Warframe ability and will use it while fighting with you, better try to keep your distance.

Moreover, this whisper moves around very quickly and is very strong.

After getting the first block of health down, it will become immune and start to regenerate over time being immortal.

In addition, it is incapable of being damaged, no weapons will be able to kill it.

In this situation, you need to look for a book i.e. grimoire, which you have to kill to kill the Whisper.

However, it is not a simple task as the waypoint will be very far away from you.

Is Mocking Whisper Stuck In Place?

Mocking whisper is the replica of your operator that comes out of the Warframe.

Moreover,  it shoots grimoire blasts at you after finding a grimoire in Mission.

Players discussion about Mocking Wisper on online forums.
Players discussion about Mocking Wisper on online forums.

However, in the game, while performing the quest new dialogue will appear pointing at the grimoire. 

Players must find the grimoire and destroy the Mocking Whisper who is trying to chase you down.

In addition, the grimoire is the secondary weapon that fires, causing an impact.

Contrarily, in some online forums players state that the grimoire didn’t appear or marked, leading to a mission lock.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Mocking Whisper is a new boss in the Warframe update Whispers in the Wall.

Primarily, players must find the grimoire from Albrecht to kill it.

Therefore, knowing your weapon’s usability will help you to face your challenges.

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