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A Guide To Encounter Suzerainty In Warframe

Warframe has just launched a new update called Whispers in the Wall, introducing new enemies like the Suzerainty.

However, players must learn a lot about this new threat as it comes in various forms in the game.

In Warframe, the Suzerain or the Suzerainty is the manifested form of the Murmur- a new enemy that can disperse or morph during the mission. Also, players must note that it is one of the three forms of the Murmur manifestation.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Suzerain in Warframe.

Introduction To The Suzerain In Warframe

The new Warframe update Whispers in The Wall debuts new lores and enemies during the mission.

In fact, the game focuses on new enemies known as Murmurs which can morph into an evolved form.

Also, the Suzerain is one of the three forms that they can morph into alongside Zelator and Anchorite.

Suzerain or Suzerainty in Warframe
The Suzerain boss in the new Warframe Whispers n the Wall update

Therefore, players must note that there is no guarantee that they will encounter this specific form of the Murmurs.

Nevertheless, players can encounter this enemy after collecting a specific number of Murmur’s eyes.

In doing so, the Murmurs will manifest into one of the three forms during a cutscene in the mission.

Additionally, they become more powerful and intelligent, dealing splash damage along with ranged attacks.

Specifically, the Suzerain is a centipede-type enemy that appears with many legs with blue outlines.

Hence, players can either check its appearance or look at the top display to know whether it is a Suzerain.

How To Encounter The Suzerain In Warframe?

Players must follow several steps to unlock the Suzerain as it only appears in one specific mission.

Here are all the steps that they must follow to encounter this enemy:

  1. Firstly, players must update to the latest version of the game named “Whispers In The Wall“.
  2. Secondly, they must select the Effervo node on Deimos from the Star Chart.
  3. Alternatively, they can also get to this node via the Laboratory Navigation in the Sanctum Anatomica. 
The Suzerain Transformation
The Fragmented Suzerain transformation during the cutscene
  1. During the mission, players should have an Atropos Probe and inject its serum into a Vitreum.
  2. After doing so, players must defend the area from a swarm of enemies until the scanning process.
  3. Afterward, players can see the Murmur’s eyes after the scanning process around the map.
  4. Then, they must collect a set amount of Murmur’s eyes to reveal The Fragmented‘s location.
  5. Finally, the Murmur will morph into one of its three forms which can also be The Suzerain.

However, the manifested form of the Murmur is random, meaning that The Suzerain might not appear.

To solve this issue, players should replay the mission to eventually summon The Suzerain.

The Bottom Line

The Suzerain is a tough boss that can deal a significant amount of damage to players.

Therefore, players must constantly chip away its HP until it is eventually felled during the mission.

Additionally, online knowledge about this topic can aid players in easily defeating this boss.

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