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Warframe Sevagoth Alerts: Unlock The Epitaph

In Warframe’s most recent update, Whispers in the Walls, a new alert has been introduced for players to get Sevagoth.

Warframe Sevagoth Alerts is a limited-time event that allows players to earn the Sevagoth and his Epitaph weapon.

Warframe’s recent update, Whispers in the Walls, introduces a limited-time Sevagoth alert from December 13th to 20th, offering players the chance to acquire the powerful character and his signature weapon.

In this article, we will discuss the Sevagoth Alerts in Warframe.

What Is Sevagoth In Warframe?

Sevagoth is a powerful and unique character in Warframe that possesses distinctive abilities and features. 

He has a sleek and formidable appearance and also has the ability to wield the signature Epitaph Secondary Weapon.

In the past Twitch drop event for Warframe, not all players were able to acquire the rewards successfully.

In the drop, which featured the Warframe Sevagoth, you could obtain it by watching the Game Awards on Twitch and linking your Warframe account.

Additionally, players can obtain a fully built Sevagoth Warframe for free, which adds to its allure.

However, due to technical issues or glitches, only a portion of the player base managed to receive free Sevagoth.

To address the situation, the Warframe developers took notes and have now introduced an alternative means of obtaining Sevagoth.

sevagoth warframe
Sevagoth is a powerful and unique character in Warframe.

Warframe Sevagoth Alerts

Sevagoth is now in Warframe through in-game alerts from December 13th to 20th.

Moreover, players have the chance to earn Sevagoth, his signature Epitaph Secondary Weapon, and a unique glyph by completing a series of four alerts.

These alerts reward players with different components, such as blueprints and parts, required to build Sevagoth.

sevagoth alerts
Sevagoth alerts announced by Warframe.

Further, here’s what you can win in each alert:

  • Alert 1: Rewards: Sevagoth Blueprint and Epitaph Blueprint
  • Alert 2: Rewards: Sevagoth Systems and Epitaph Receiver
  • Alert 3: Rewards: Sevagoth Chassis and Epitaph Barrel
  • Alert 4: Rewards: Sevagoth Neuroptics and Sevagoth In-Action Glyph

Moreover, complete these alerts to gather all the necessary components to build Sevagoth.

It’s a limited-time opportunity, so make sure to participate between December 13th and 20th to strengthen your Warframe arsenal.

The Bottom Line

Sevagoth is a powerful character in Warframe, now accessible through in-game alerts from December 13th to 20th.

Moreover, developers have introduced four alerts where players can earn Sevagoth for free.

It’s a time-limited opportunity, providing an equal chance for all players to enhance their Warframe arsenal.

Happy Gaming!

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