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How To Get Vosfor In Warframe: Whispers Of The Walls?

The new update of Warframe, Whispers in The Wall, has released new resources and Vosfor is one of them.

It plays a crucial role in the Arcane Dissolution system to dissolve old and unwanted Arcanes.

In Warframe, players can obtain Vosfor by using the Arcane Dissolution System by dissolving unnecessary arcanes. The amount of Vosfor obtained depends on the rarity and rank of each dissolved Arcane.
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What Is Vosfor In Warframe?

Vosfor is a potent powder used in the alchemical processes introduced in the Warframe update 35: Whispers in The Wall.

It plays a significant role in Arcane Dissolution, allowing players to convert unwanted Arcanes into Vosfor for further use.

Players cannot craft or obtain Vosfor directly and the only way is to dissolve the Arcanes.

Further, players can dissolve the Arcanes into Vosfor using various devices in the Albrecht Laboratory.

Additionally, players can exchange the earned Vosfor for the Arcane packs they want.

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How To Obtain Vosfor In Warframe?

Vosfor can be obtained by dissolving unnecessary Arcanes in the Albrecht Laboratory, in the Necralisk on Deimos.

Further, the Laboratory is equipped with specific devices designed for this purpose.

Then, players must speak with an NPC, Loid, in Sanctum Anatomica and select the ‘Arcane Dissolution‘ option.

However, to gain access to Sanctum Anatomica, players must complete the ‘Whispers of the Walls’ quest.

After that players can select the Arcane that they want to dissolve and hit the Dissolve button.

Finally, players can return to the Arcane Dissolution menu to exchange the Obtained Vosfor for Arcane packs.

The amount of Vosfor obtained per arcane depends on a variety of factors including its rarity and rank.

What Is Arcane Dissolution In Warframe?

The process of dissolving old unwanted arcanes into Vosfor is known as Arcane Dissolution in Warframe.

In the Whispers of the Walls update, arcane Dissolution can only be done through Loid, an NPC.

Further, it allows players to dissolve their arcanes into a resource and exchange them for various Arcane packs.

The goal is to allow players to break down extra arcane to obtain a desired one, given the wide variety of Arcane available.

Instead of rolling against the entire pool of arcane, players can pick the theme of the arcane they are investing in by selecting a themed pack.

Types Of Arcane Packs Obtained From Vosfor

Players can acquire many Arcane Packs from a vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica for the earned Vosfor.

Further, each pack has a unique theme based on the location from where the Arcanes on the packs were acquired.

Arcane packs in exchange of Vosfor in Warframe
Players get different arcane packs in exchange for Vosfor in Warframe.

Here are all the Arcane Packs that you can acquire by exchanging Vosfor:

  • Ostron Arcane Collection
  • Steel Arcane Collection (Arbitrations) 
  • Necralisk Arcane Collection
  • Eidolon Arcane Collection    
  • Solaris Arcane Collection 
  • Duviri Arcane Collection
  • Holdfasts Arcane Collection

Additionally, all the packs offer a random selection of unique Arcanes, providing players with a chance to acquire new and valuable ones.

Players can use the Arcanes they want to enhance their abilities and stats with more flexibility.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Vosfor is a new addition to the resources in the Warframe update Whispers in the Wall.

Players can primarily use Vosfor to purchase Arcane Packs from the vendor in Sanctum Anatomica.

It gives players an alternative way to earn Arcanes while maintaining the integrity of its acquisition method.

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