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Remnant 2: What Happens After You Defeat The Final Boss?

The Final Boss of Remnant 2 is the Root Dragon Annihilation, a monstrous and massive dragon with various attacks.

It is a tough fight requiring good timing, dodging and shooting skills.

But what happens after you defeat the final boss of the main campaign?

After defeating the Final Boss in Remnant 2, players will be rewarded with Annihilation’s Sword, a powerful melee weapon that can unleash energy blasts and root spikes.

This article will give you a comprehensive overview of the Final Boss in Remnant 2, along with tips and tricks on beating him and what to expect after the battle.

Who Is the Final Boss In Remnant 2?

The game’s final boss is Annihilation, a massive Root dragon that wields a giant sword and has a variety of devastating attacks. 

Moreover, it is a tough fight requiring good timing, dodging and shooting skills.

Annihilation final boss remnant 2
Annihilation is the Final Boss in Remnant 2, a massive Root Dragon.

However, you can use different weapons, mods and traits to suit your play style and strategy.

  • The Hunting Rifle or the Sniper Rifle for long-range damage and precision.
  • The Devastator or the Spitfire for high burst damage and crowd control.
  • The Hunter’s Mark mod for increased damage and visibility of weak spots
  • The Mender’s Aura mod for healing yourself and your allies.
  • The Quick Hands trait for faster reloads speed.
  • The Glutton trait for faster use speed of consumables.

How To Beat Final Boss In Remnant 2?

In the first phase, Annihilation will fly around the arena and attack you with its sword, energy pulses, roots, and energy rings.

You need to dodge its attacks and shoot at its weak spots: its head, chest, and sword arm.

Similarly, in the second phase, Annihilation will land on the ground and switch between its dragon and humanoid forms.

Correspondingly, in the third phase, he has no health bar and summons minions to attack you.

You must survive until Clementine and The Keeper intervene and finish him.

defeat final boss remnant 2
Defeat the Final Boss, Annihilation, in Remnant 2.

It will also summon lightning pillars and tentacles that can damage you.

Furthermore, you must keep moving and avoid its sword swipes, tentacle slams, and blight clouds.

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What Happens After You Defeat The Final Boss?

Remnant 2 is a challenging game, and the final boss, Annihilation, is no exception.

Likewise, it is a massive Root dragon with two phases and various attacks.

After defeating the Final Boss, the player will unlock the game’s True Ending, revealing the fate of Clementine, the Keeper, and the Root.

Additionally, the player can access the New Game Plus mode. It allows them to replay the game with increased difficulty and new rewards.

Here are some tips on what to do after you beat the Final Boss in Remnant 2.

  1. After you defeat Annihilation, you will get a cutscene where you return to Clementine and the Keeper with the three objects.
  2. They will use them to open a portal to another world, inviting you to join them. You can choose to accept or decline their offer.
  3. If you accept their offer, you will enter the portal and start a new game plus mode. Here you can replay the game with increased difficulty and new items.
  4. You will also get a new Archetype called Explorer, which gives you bonuses for exploring new worlds.
  5. If you decline their offer, you will stay in Root Earth and get a different ending cutscene. Here you will see the Root spreading across the planet.
  6. You will also get a new Archetype called Survivor, which gives you bonuses for fighting against the Root.
after defeating annihilation final boss
 You will get a new Archetype after defeating the Annihilation.

The Bottom Line

Annihilation is a very challenging boss with three phases, each with different attacks and strategies.

Remnant 2 offers much replay value, even after defeating the Final Boss, Annihilation.

Don’t miss this epic adventure that tests your skills and your resolve.

Craft, loot, and upgrade your weapons and items to survive the unrelenting odds.

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