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Explore The License Exp Boost In My Hero Ultra Rumble

My Hero Ultra Rumble provides players with a license exp boost.

However, obtaining the boost requires players to go through a few steps. 

The exp boost can propel the levels of the license significantly for the players. 

The My Hero Ultra Rumble Exp Boost is accessible through the agency or through purchasing the battle pass. However, using the agency to obtain the experience boost is better than purchasing the levels and the battle pass. 

This article discusses my hero ultra rumble license exp boost.

What Is My Hero Ultra Rumble License Exp Boost?

My Hero Ultra Rumble license is a method to obtain the characters in the game. 

The game features various heroes and villains from the popular anime My Hero Academia. 

Furthermore, the game also features some of the most iconic heroes and villains such as All Might, Dabi, Deku, etc. 

Thus, this game is a great way to play as one of your favorite heroes or villains from the anime. 

The game also features gacha mechanics similar to games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact.

This method is considered predatory because it gives the players a feeling of missing out (FOMO)

In My Hero Ultra Rumble players can obtain the characters in various ways, one of them is through the license.

my hero rumble heroes and villains
Players can choose from various heroes and villains in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

The license allows players to accumulate certain points to unlock characters.

This is one of the best ways to get the heroes and villains in the game.

Furthermore, players can even unlock various costumes for their characters through the license.

Thus, it is a great way to reward players for free. 

However, getting points for the game can be a bit taxing, but players can get an Exp boost for the license. 

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How To Obtain My Hero Ultra Rumble License Exp Boost?

A few methods exist to get a License Exp boost in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

However, some methods require you to spend real money.

Thus, you can overlook those methods if you are a free-to-player. 

Here is a list of methods to obtain my hero ultra rumble license exp boost: 

1. Join An Agency

The first and easiest method is to join an agency. When you join an agency, you are able to get an Exp boost for free. 

However, for the boost to come into play, players must either level up the agency or complete a set of tasks for the agency. 

Furthermore, the exp boost from the agency doubles the exp you obtain at the end of the fight.

Thus, this is one if not the best method to level up your license. 

2. Use The Change In The License

After the recent update on September 29, the developers have made changes to the experience points you obtain at the end of any fight. 

According to the developers after this update, players can earn more license experience points at the end of each fight. 

Thus, players will notice a difference between the experiences they gained before and after September 29

3. Purchase Levels

Henceforth is the use of money to level up. Players willing to fork out some cash can simply purchase the levels. 

However, players may not consider this a method of getting an exp boost.

But, since you can propel your levels significantly using this method, we also consider an exp boost. 

4. Purchase The Battle Pass

Players can also purchase the battle pass to gain some experience boost.

However, in this case, players can choose to save up hero crystals to purchase the battle pass. 

Furthermore, players can earn these hero crystals through the in-game events. 

Using these methods can significantly boost your experience gain for your license.

Yet we advise players to spend their money in these games in control. 

This is mainly because these games prey on the gambling habits of certain players.

Thus, these games can cause financial ruin for some players. 

my hero ultra rumble license for characters
Players can obtain characters through various methods in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

The Bottom Line

The experience boost for the license is a great way for the game to provide the players with to earn their favorite characters by playing the game.

Furthermore, this method also allows free-to-play players to grind out the events and other activities in the game to earn the characters without spending any money.

Hopefully, this article is able to guide you in learning about the license exp boost in My Hero Utra Rumble.

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