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How To Recruit Ulfar In Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader?

Ulfar is a Space Wolf companion character who supports the Rogue Trader in his journey.

You can use him as a melee character as well as a ranged character.

You need to get one orange item from special enemies, and then you can talk to the Homunculus and trade the piece for the Ulfar in Rogue Trader.

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Overview Of Ulfar In Rogue Trader

Ulfar, a friendly unit that protects and assists you in any situation, is helpful for adventurers.

Being melee and ranged at the same time, space wolf is a great weapon to deal with higher levels of danger.

Ulfar Rogue Trader
This is the picture of Ulfar in Rogue Trader.

Ulfar is known for its loyalty and companionship and becomes easy to deal with by defeating demons in the game.

Being a companion, Ulfar also can guide you through various mazes by sniffing the end path.

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Where Is Ulfar In Rogue Trader?

Ulfar the space wolf is not easily available for players.

You need to find a guy named Homunculus who is a trader and who can trade you the Ulfar.

The Homunculi are artificial beings created by powerful mages to function as servants.

To find Homunculus, you have to enter Khei as a Cameo or Construct.

homoculus rogue trader
This is the picture of homunculus flesh wrapped in Rogue Trader.(Source; Reddit)

Ways To Find Ulfar The Space Wolf

Ulfar is hard to obtain, as players have to be prepared for what’s coming next in the way.

Better things are always hard to obtain, so make sure you are fully prepared.

You need a good strategy and guidance and reach out to the Homunculus to get Ulfar in Rogue Trader.

Some strategic ways to find Ulfar In Rogue Trader are.

1. Activate The Quest

Every great adventure begins with a quest, and finding Ulfar is no different.

Hence, check your quest log to ensure that you have the relevant quest activated.

2. Talk To NPCs

Non-player characters (NPCs) in Rogue Trader can be a wealth of information.

So, engage in conversations with the NPCs in the game, especially those located in central hubs or areas related to your quest.

3. Obtain Orange Item 

Special enemies will drop you a special kind of orange.

Therefore, get this orange to trade it with an Ulfar in the trader’s list of shops.

4. Find Homunculus

Enter Khei as a Cameo or constructer and find this Alchemist.

According to players, after you obtain one orange item from special enemies, you can trade them with Homunculus to get Ulfar.

5. Collaborate With Other Players

If you’re playing Rogue Trader in a multiplayer mode, consider teaming up with other players.

Hence, sharing information and working together can make Ulfar more enjoyable and efficient.

The Bottom Line

Embarking on a quest to find Ulfar the Space Wolf in Rogue Trader can be a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Finding Ulfar in Rogue Trader may take a bit of effort, but with a systematic approach, you’ll likely uncover this character.

So, gear up and go out there to find Homunculus and get your Ulfar In Rogue Trader.

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