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Explore The Tule Conflict In Wartales

While embarking on the beautiful journey of the Wartales, players must encounter Tule and its Conflict.

Players must make their way to the Tule, where they can unravel its mysterious and intriguing conflict.

In Wartales, players must come across the quest called Missing Woodcutter, where they must decide to side with Tule Defenders or Refugees. Similarly, players get *15 beans if they side with Tule defenders or *20 kinds of wood if they side with Refugees.

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An Essence Of The Tule In Wartales

While embarking on the Journey of the Wartales, players must come across a mysterious region in Wartales called Tule.

Tule is an enigmatic region in Wartales which is astonishing for its beautiful landscapes and enigmatic history.

Similarly, during the Tule conflict, players can perform several quests and face complex challenges to shape their journey in Wartales.

During this arc, players are drawn into the series of alliances, rivalries and choices that shape the destiny of the Tule.

Wartales WoodCutter's Camp
Players should visit the WoodCutter’s camp to complete Woodcutter’s quest.

The future of Tule is decided by the choices made by the players during the Missing Woodcutters quest.

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Wartales: The Missing Woodcutters Quest

As the player progresses through the Tules, they must complete the Missing Woodcutters’ quest to unlock the Tiltren achivement.

Players can only unlock this quest after speaking with the Refugee Leader, Fargas, in the Haven in the southeast part.

In this quest, players must make an important decision as it will shape the fate of the Tule village and the Refugees.

Upon talking to the Refugee leader, players can start the Missing Woodcutter quest by going to the Woodcutter camp in the north.

Wartales Refugee Leader Fargas
Players can converse with the Refugee Leader in Wartales.

Thus, players must engage with the Anthas at the camp to progress the quest, leading to a clash between locales and Refugees.

Players must make an important decision here as they have to choose one side; Tule defenders led by Vithelhar or refugee leader Anthas.

During this quest, players must choose either Anthas or Viethlhar; both offer rewards of + 20 influence and +20 progress.

However, players can get the Beans * 15 if they side with the Tule defenders or the 20 * woods if they side with Refugees, respectively.

This decision offers a different perspective on the outcomes, so players need to make a  decision that enhances their gaming experience.

Wartales: Players’ Perspective And Choices On Tule Conflict

While playing the Wartales, players can experience spontaneous role-playing actions that lead to multiple scenarios.

Like many other scenarios, players must make an important decision during the Tule conflict.

Similarly, players must consider before being allies with the villagers or the Refugees; it depends on the gameplay.

Moreover, players experience the clash between the Tule defenders and the Refugees, leading to an important objective.

Besides the rewards, the player’s destiny and gaming experiences are shaped by his choices during the battle.

Attack Tule Defenders or Refugee in Wartales
Players have to decide whether to attack a tule defenders or refugees.

Siding With The Refugees

If players decide to take the Refugees’ side, they must help them settle their farms for survival.

Similarly, players need to have empathy with the Refugees to ensure their survival by helping them settle down.

Besides that, players can assign the sheep farm to the refugees’ shepherds and send the blacksmith to the town.

Moreover, players can assist in woodcutting activities in the forest to help them settle in the village.

Siding With Tule Defenders

If players decide to take the side of the Tule Defenders, the villagers of the Tule won’t let the refugees settle in their village.

The citizens of the Tule village think that the refugees are more likely to be the invaders masked as the immigrants.

If players side with the Villagers, they can repel the refugees from cutting the wood and farming their sheep.

Players must be prepared to address issues like mass murder and terrifying battles by the village mayor after siding with villagers.

The Bottom Line

In this enigmatic world of the Wartales, players can enjoy the thrill of role-playing scenarios to shape the gameplay.

Players must decide whether to assist the Refugee or the Tule Defenders during the Missing Woodcutters quest.

Hence, players have to make pivotal choices in the game, which leads to several outcomes that shape the destiny of Tule and its residents.

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