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Warzone 3 Crossplay Not Working: How To Fix It?

Players are eager to play Call of Duty: Warzone 3, which features new maps and exciting additions.

Further, the Warzone 3 Crossplay allows matchmaking across various gaming platforms and devices.

However, many players are facing some issues as their Warzone 3 crossplay is not working.

COD Warzone 3 Crossplay is not working on the platform as there is some issue with the online matchmaking system in Players have to wait for another update as developers are trying to resolve this issue.

Continue reading to learn more about why Warzone 3 crossplay is not working and how to fix it.

What Is The COD Warzone 3 Crossplay Not Working Issue?

Call of Duty Warzone 3 is a Crossplay allowing players to play with friends across different platforms and devices.

Further, warzone is cross-platform on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.

Players have to turn on the Crossplay from the settings to enjoy matchmaking on various platforms.

However, the Warzone 3 Crossplay not working issue has caused problems in matchmaking for the players.

This has led developers to disable the Crossplay between and other platforms temporarily.

Further, until this has been re-enabled developers recommend playing on a single platform to avoid error messages.

Warzone 3 cross not working error message
Error message showing the crossplay is not working due to a different version.

Additionally, Crossplay doesn’t work when the different platforms have different game versions.

The issue is causing delays and difficulties for players to play with others on different platforms.

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How To Fix Warzone 3 Crossplay Not Working?

The Warzone 3 is not working on due to the issues in the latest update.

While the developers are trying to fix this issue, in the meantime, players can ensure some of the settings and try the fixes.

Some fixes for the Crossplay not working are:

1. Crossplay Settings

Press the start button and scroll to go to the settings.

Inside the settings, select the option ‘Account and Network.’

Account and Network
Go to the account and network in the settings.

Players must ensure that their Crossplay and Crossplay Communication are turned on from the settings.

Turning on the Crossplay
Turn on Crossplay from the settings.

2. Check For Latest Updates

The outdated version tends to cause issues and bugs while playing crossplay.

So, Players must ensure that the Warzone 3 and are updated to the latest version.

Additionally, as the updates come with bug fixes it’ll solve the problem.

When Will The Warzone 3 Crossplay Not Working Issue Be Fixed?

The developers of the game are working to fix the problem and improve the situation for players.

Until then, players can only play with other players, which may limit their options and preferences.

This temporary issue will be resolved soon, so players need to have some patience. 

Notice from COD team about Warzone 3 crossplay not working
Official Notice from the Call of Duty team regarding the issue.

Further, the developers will share an update on this when it is fixed.

So, players can stay updated on the official Twitter handle to get the latest information.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, after the recent update in Warzone 3, the crossplay is not working on the platform.

Besides, the crossplay is working fine for other platforms such as Steam, PS5, PS4, or Xbox.

Players have to wait until the next update as developers are working to solve this issue soon.

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