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A Guide To Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite Level 22

In Fortnite, players must finish several levels to reach Level 22 of the Zoo Escape 2 quest.

Further, the players will have fun exploring the Zoo, escaping each animal’s cage to progress the levels.

To reach level 22 in the Zoo Escape 2 quest in Fortnite, players need to escape the cage of many animals from level 1 to 21. Moreover, once players reach the cage of a Wolf they must escape from there obtaining the key to complete level 22.

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An Overview Of Zoo Escape 2 In Fortnite

Zoo Escape 2 in Fortnite is the new event with the new animals in the zoo and puzzles for the players.

Moreover, the Zoo Escape 2 map features a new animated animal at each level, bringing a fun experience to players.

Further, there are 30 unique levels that players need to complete while exploring the zoo in Fortnite.

Upon travelling through the zoo, players encounter cages of different animals which they need to escape to move to the next level of the game.

Enter the zoo and complete all 30 levels in the Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite event.
Enter the zoo and complete all 30 levels in the Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite event.

Only after escaping the current animal’s cage, players will be able to move further in the game.

Additionally, the levels get more difficult as you progress so move strategically, to deal with the increasing difficulty.

Hence, players must find a way to escape from there so that they can move forward and upgrade their in-game level.

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Level 22 In Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite

Zoo Escape 2 has utilized more of the UEFN features and is one of the best puzzle maps ever.

It features many levels and has very unique escape mechanics that you won’t see on any other escape room maps in Fortnite.

The following table shows the list of levels that you must complete to reach level 22 in the Zoo Escape 2 event.

List of Level Escape Cage of the animal
Level 1Sloth
Level 2Donkey
Level 3Sheep
Level 4Swans
Level 5Monkeys
Level 6Horse
Level 7Seal
Level 8Komodo Dragon
Level 9Goat
Level 10Eagle
Level 11Armadillo
Level 12Rhino
Level 13Beaver
Level 14Dolphin
Level 15Ocra
Level 16Alpacas
Level 17Rabbits
Level 18Wild Boar
Level 19Moles
Level 20Fox
Level 21Skunk
Level 22Wolf

Level 22 in Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite, is the level of Wolf which is full of trees and grass.

Furthermore, you can spot the Wolf lying nearby, and escaping the wolf cage is a little tricky.

Find a key at the wall, and use it to open the gate to escape the Wolf cage.

There is a key placed in the Wolf cage, which you need to find to proceed further in the game.

However, to find this key search at the top of the wall and jump to grab it and escape from the wolf cage.

Subsequently, use this key to step into level 23 of the Zoo Escape 2 event where you will enter the cage of leopard.

Obtaining Coins In Zoo Escape 2

There are 20 Zoo Escape 2 coins to collect which are hidden in different areas of the zoo.

However, to find the coins players must complete all the 30 levels and obtain the Catty Corner Keycard.

After escaping from the zoo, use this key card as a pass and open the gate to collect the coin.

Hence, finding all the keys can be tricky and take time as they are located in different areas.

Players can move and jump near the pool, climb up the rock, and explore the zoo park to find coins.

The Bottom Line

The Zoo Escape 2 Level 22 requires players to spot Wolf and find a key to escape the wolf cage.

Players must retrieve the key hanging on the wall to move to the next level of the event.

Further, to reach level 22, players should escape from the cage of each animal found from level 1 to 21.

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