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Explore The Potent Vows In Diablo 4

Potent Vows in Diablo 4 is a quest in the season 2 storyline.

The quest requires players to interact with the pact system in Diablo 4.

There is the questline of chapter 3 which is currently bugged. The quest will not count even though you fulfill all its requirements. Players must equip armor with pacts in it, but even after fulfilling the requirements, it will not count for the players.

This article discusses Potent Vows and its possible bug in Diablo 4.

What Is Potent Vows In Diablo 4?

Potent Vows is one of the quests that players must complete in the season 2 storyline.

In season 2, players are able to harness the powers of vampires. Furthermore, they must use these new powers to defeat the vampires.

The new season also brings in various quality-of-life changes and a new story for the players to experience.

Potent Vow is a quest in which players must have an armor piece that grants them five pacts.

This means that the armor piece can have only two pacts among the three, but the overall value is five.

diablo 4 potent vows
There are three types of pacts granted in any armor

Moreover, each vampiric power requires a certain amount of pact to be usable, thus, players must carefully equip their armor pieces.

Furthermore, players can also add pacts onto their armors to bump the overall value to five.

Thus, completing this quest in chapter 3 is not as hard as players may expect it to be.

After completing the quest alongside other quests in Chapter 3, players can easily progress to completing the quests in Chapter 4.

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Is Potent Vows Bugged In Diablo 4?

Yes! Currently, the potent vows quest is bugged in Diablo 4.

The issue is that the quest does not count as complete even after equipping armor with five overall pacts.

The cause of this issue is still under investigation. Furthermore, players are making various posts about this issue on the forums.

However, there are no updates on the causes of the bug from the social media handle or the website.

This is also causing a huge uproar in the community because this quest ties into another quest in Chapter 4.

It ties into the “In Agreement” quest, where players must equip armor with five of the same pacts.

Thus, players are unhappy with the silence from Blizzard about the issue since it is a huge part of the Season 2 mechanics.

potent vows diablo 4
Potent vows quest requires a total of five pacts granted in any armor piece

Furthermore, players are also comparing the mechanics to season 1.

The use of malignant hearts and the vampiric powers are similar to one another.

Moreover, since players do not know the exact cause of this bug, players are unable to find a way to solve the issue either.

Since the bug does not hinder you from completing other quests, players should avoid the aforementioned quests and complete other quests. 

The Bottom Line

Bugs are inevitable in any online game; however, the developers must communicate with the users to solve the issue.

In the case of Potent vows, the bug is not game-breaking, but it is still a hindrance.

However, we hope the developers will fix the bug in future hotfixes and patches and allow players to complete the entire storyline.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the Potent Vow bug in Diablo 4.

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