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What Happened To Wizz App: Is It Permanently Removed?

The sudden disappearance of the Wizz app from the App Store is making its users question what happened to the Wizz app.

Many people are discussing that the removal of the app is due to its increasingly inappropriate and sexual content.

Nonetheless, some reports are saying that there are still some users accessing it and are online.

However, there is no evidence that the app is banned or permanently removed from the App Store.

Continue reading to find out what happened to the Wizz app and if its removal from the App Store is permanent.

What Happened To Wizz App?

In today’s world, where social media and dating apps are everywhere, it’s not strange for an app to spark controversy.

Recently, the Wizz app has been quite abuzz and people are wondering what happened to the app.

This is because it seems that the Wizz app is no longer available on the App Store.

Likewise, users can no longer access or even download the Wizz app as it is completely removed.

Some users are positive about the removal as they think the app is getting toxic and have problems with controlling content.

Wizz app removal or not
The Wizz app is no longer available on people’s phones as it is no longer available in the App Store.

They believe it is a wise step to remove the Wizz app as the app has moderation issues.

On top of that, many users frequently misuse the app and it is getting extremely toxic.

Whereas, some users are furious and sad about the sudden removal of the Wizz app and do not agree with the term.

However, Wizz users are puzzled at the moment and are unsure if the app’s removal is temporary or permanent.

Hence, everyone has different ideas for the removal of the Wizz app and what might happen next.

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Wizz App Not Working: Is It Banned?

People report the disappearance of Wizz from their phones and when they look it up in the App Store it is no longer available.

However, the app is appearing on some devices so users are speculating it to be a ban to some users.

There are also reports that even if the app is completely removed some users are still accessing it and are online.

Therefore, some users suggest that the Wizz app is not working due to technical issues for IOS users.

On the other hand, some say it could be because of the inappropriate content of the app.

Additionally, Wizz is an app that creates a way for younger people to connect.

However, the increasing sextortion and catfishing in the app may be the reason to remove it.

The Wizz app may be currently down due to a crash or technical issues.

But, the reason for its sudden disappearance can also be due to the misuse of the app by some users.

Official Annoucement From The Wizz

The key point to analyze the Wizz app’s disappearance is the reports from people of different regions.

Furthermore, many IOS users are constantly reporting that they are unable to find the app in their app store.

But, other users who do not use IOS report that they still have the Wizz app on their phones.

Also to support this theory, the official account of the Wizz app has announced the reason for the Wizz app’s disappearance.

Wizz app official announcement
Wizz app shares the reason behind the sudden disappearance of the app via an Instagram story on January 31.

You can check the story of posted on January 31 about the reason for the Wizz app suddenly disappearing.

The official account of the Wizz app clearly states that Wizz is currently experiencing a technical issue on IOS.

Hence, this means the Wizz is not banned or removed permanently.

The app suddenly is not working and is out of the App Store due to technical issues with IOS and the app itself.

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