How Much does a Built-in Desk Cost?

A built-in desk allows you to have unique, organized, and comfortable storage space for your home office.  

If you have been thinking of investing in a desk and storage space in a particular location, a built-in desk is a perfect solution for you. 

Now, you must wonder how much a typical built-in desk costs?

The cost of a built-in desk usually varies depending on the size, materials, design, and customization—the average price of a built-in desk range from $1000 to $4000. 

A built in desk
A built-in office desk (Source: Pexels)

It is indeed such a bliss when you have your home office with a space that thrives on a mood-lifting environment. 

A proper built-in desk not only helps you keep your office essentials organized. It also helps you to be more focused and productive. 

I prefer a dedicated, thoughtful, and organized desk to work from home.

In this article, you will be reading about the cost of constructing a built-in desk,  factors affecting the cost of a built-in desk, and the materials used to make them.

Furthermore, you may also explore different types and designs of a built-in desk, including the accessories that fit into it.

What is a Built-in Desk?

A built-in desk is an area that is especially constructed for your ease and comfort while you are at work.

It is a part of your home structure. For example, a built-in desk usually consists of drawers, shelves, and cubbyholes to bins.

This sophisticated section of your home office looks unique appealing and goes pretty well with your personality as an individual. 

You can explore more and get various overwhelming options for a Built-in desk.

An organized desk
An organized desk (Source: Pexels)

From customizing the lighting to including recessed, track, and under-cabinet options, a built-in desk also enhances the storage of office essentials. 

A built-in desk not only keeps your workspace organized but also adds value to it. 

Built-in Desk Cost Factors 

We can generally see a lot of genuine queries about the costs of constructing a built-in desk. A custom-made built-in desk is entirely personal to you. Therefore, mostly it is about what you want as a client.

Moreover, it also depends on how much value you want to add to your new built-in desk. 

So, certain key variables affect the cost of a built-in desk. Let us look at some of the cost factors of a built-in desk.

1. Types of Built-in Desk 

The cost of a built-in desk also depends on its type. As a result, there are various built-in desk options to look for. And their production cost also differs accordingly. 

How much you will pay for a built-in desk is directly related to the style and specifications you are looking forward to having.

For example, a DIY built-in desk is relatively inexpensive, whereas a high-end premium built-in requires a reasonable budget. 

Furthermore, if you require a built-in desk with extra cabinets, you may have to pay a little more. 

Standard cabinet installations can cost you about $50 to $250, and custom-built cabinets can cost you about $500 to $1200 per linear foot. 

A DIY built in desk
A DIY Built-In Desk (Source: Pinterest)

2. Size of a Built-in Desk

A built-in desk comes in various sizes. You can choose one for you depending on your requirement or preference.

Usually, a large-sized built-in desk requires more sourcing of raw materials. Moreover, the larger the size, the higher is per unit production cost.

Therefore, it is obvious that building a bigger-sized built-in desk is comparatively expensive. 

The common size variations of built-in desks are presented in the table below:

Measurements Size
Depth 36 inches
Width60 inches
Height 30 inches
Chair clearance23 inches

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3. Materials Used in a Built-in Desk 

Most built-ins are made up of wood. And it is usually your second-highest expense. 

Moreover, other materials such as plywood, poplar, cherry, oak, and walnut are also used in building them. These materials are generally inexpensive. 

Build quality is also one of the essential cost factors after the materials used.

The durability of your built-in desk matters a lot. Therefore always opt for a desk with good quality materials even if the cost is comparatively higher. 

The more durable your built-in desk becomes, the lesser the need to construct it or renovate it time and again.

If you decide to construct a larger built-in desk, you will require more materials. So, naturally, this eventually drives the price accordingly. 

You can go through the table below to know the average prices per board for different wood types:

Wood Type Average cost per Board Foot\Linear foot
$4.10 (board foot)
Hard Maple$3.509 (board foot)
Walnut$7.45 (board foot)
Poplar$2.40 (bard foot)
Oak $3.75 (board foot)
Cherry $7.00 (board foot)
MDF and sanded plywood $40 (linear foot)
Exotic hardwood and glass $150 (linear foot)

What are some of the Materials Worth Using in a Built-in Desk?

Choosing the right material to construct your built-in desk is very important. The longevity of any built-ins depends on the materials used during the construction. 

Therefore, it is imperative to choose the best quality material that is durable and attractive, and aromatic to look at.  

Here are a few recommendations on the materials that you can use while constructing a built-in desk:

1. Softwood

Generally, softwoods are much lighter and softer. Moreover, they are also much easier to work with.

The following are good enough and readily available of the many types of softwood:

  • Spruce:  Spruce is widely available, and it is inexpensive as well as paintable
  • White pine:   Resists shrinking or swelling and has a good elasticity
  • Redwood:  Can be easily drilled and cut and also ensures high comfort
  • Douglas Fir:  High resistance for damage and superior strength 
  • Northern White Cedar:  Light-weighted, resistant to weather and decay
  • Western Red Cedar:  Ensures protection from fire due to limited flame spread, sustainable and aesthetic 
2. Hardwood

Usually, hardwoods are considered in making cabinets for different types of built-ins. They are widely used because of the strength, stability, durability, and beauty they possess.

The following are good enough and easily available of the many types of hardwood:

  • Yellow Poplar:  Plain yet relatively strong and goes well with paintings 
  • White Ash:  It is very strong, hard, and durable
  • Red Oak: Gives a very beautiful, aesthetic, classy look for cabinets and easy to work with. 
  • Cherry:  Beautiful and natural look with sustainability 
  • Mahogany:  Easy to work with and aesthetic look

You can also check our article; What Materials are Best for a Home Office Desk ? for reference.

4. Accessories on a Built-in desk

To give your Built-in desk a personalized vibe, you may want to add some accessories to it. Accessories that include lightning, glass, molding, and nobs affect the cost.

At the same time, the use of pulls, hinges, electrical outlets, and other fixtures also influences the price. Therefore, putting different accessories on a built-in desk is never underestimated.

It looks unique and appealing when you add great accessories to your built-in desk. 

5. Design of the Built-in Desk

Depending on how elaborate you want the built-in desk to be, you may have to hire a designer.

Most designers are likely to demand a certain amount of money for a basic plan set, which adds up the production cost. 

Generally, a designer may charge you somewhere between $200 to $500 to draw your plans for the built-ins.

Customized designs that add a personal touch to your built-ins will also affect the cost of your project. 

Expert designers with good experience make sure your built-in desk looks just the way you want it to be. 

A custom made built in desk
A custom-made built-in desk (Source: Pinterest)

6. Construction Manpower Cost

The most significant part of your entire project is the Construction Manpower Cost. 

Construction Manpower Cost includes the payment made to a carpenter or labor or a painter during the construction process. Some people consider painting and decorating the built-ins on their own. 

However, it is better to hire professionals for a better quality result. The rate of all these professionals can vary depending on the craftsmanship. 

7. Finish or the Final Touch 

You must add a couple of coats during the final touch for a clear finish. When you add a coat of stain or wax, these materials drive up the cost.

You can also do the final coat yourself if you want to reduce the total production cost. 

Moreover, you can also look for budget-friendly materials. For example, you may use enamel paint instead of stain.

In addition, poplar or pine can be used. Again, these are more affordable than cherry or walnut. 

Built in desk for home office
Built-in desk for a home office (Source: Pinterest)

How Much does a Built-in Desk Cost?

The overall cost of constructing a built-in cost depends on the materials you opt for or the designs you’ve got in mind.

If you are particular about your choices and have a solid idea of your expectations, the luxury tier may suit you the best. 

On the other hand, if you want something simple and convenient, you can look at the entry levels.

You can have a look at the table below to explore some options for built-in desks along with their price ranges. 

Types of Built-in desksFeatures Price
DIY Built-in deskSaves money and is real quick.
It feels rewarding to create your own work-space.
Entry-level Built-in desksConvenient storage and modern look with a floating appearance in an efficient amount of cost. $100-$500
Mid-tier Built-in desksSimple built-ins with an elegant look and a reasonable cost. $500-$1500
Premium and Luxury Built-in desksCustom and semi-custom built-ins with style as well as a greater functionality. $1500-$12000

Making Your Own Built-in Desk Vs. Hiring a Pro

If you are thinking of making your built-in desk, you may consider looking for some DIYs. There are plenty of options available. You can also buy any pre-made desks from the local stores. 

When you decide to construct your built-in all by yourself, you will be spending somewhere around $100 to $3500.

However, you may not get quality materials or the proper custom fit that you would get with a professional.

Therefore, it is better not to risk your investment in making your built-in desks because you may end up experiencing some limitations.

Hire Experts Near Me

You may wonder how to hire built-in experts you can completely trust. Moreover, many people find it challenging to look for built-in experts for their home office.

Here are lists of a few US-based companies and manufacturers who are always at your service. These companies and manufacturers have been enlisted as the best ones. 

Manufacturing CompanyLocation
Ashley Furniture IndustriesWisconsin
Williams Sonoma San Francisco, California
Rooms to GoFlorida
TJX CompaniesMassachusetts

Are Built-in Desks Worth it for Your Home Office?

Built-in desks add to the value of your home office. They provide you with a personal space for your work and enhance office aesthetics. 

The most significant thing about Built-ins is that they are custom-made. So once you get up to work, you will feel extra energetic and productive to be working in that place you have always dreamed of. 

Built-ins usually transform your house into a home, especially when it comes to desks; who doesn’t feel good enough to have a work desk that completely matches with your personality. 

Moreover, you will have a variety of options to select from. You can either opt for one at a reasonable price or go with the high-end ones. 

With Built-in desks, you can include every creative idea or element into your workspace. And at the same time, these desks allow a smooth transition between spaces. 

An aesthetic built-in desk
Aesthetic looking Built-In desk (Source: Pinterest)

Final Verdict 

Built-in desks made especially for offices are incredibly popular. The average cost of constructing a built-in desk today is about $1500. You may require a minimum of $500 to have a built-in desk of your own.

The price range varies according to different factors that include design, size, functionality, and customization.

The investment made for a proper built-in desk eventually becomes much worth it. It provides you with luxury a simple piece of furniture wouldn’t be able to.

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