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What Is The Erteca Aosch Klue in MK1?

The Erteca Asosch is one of the many Invasion mode tasks of the Mk1.

All the players should identify their unique klues to obtain rewards.

To solve the MK1 Erteca Aosch invasion mode task, players must unlock Havik, equip him as a fighter, and use his Fatality at the end of the round.

Continue reading to learn about the MK1 Erteca Asosch and the technique to obtain the Klue.

Invasion Klue In MK1

Mortal Kombat 1 offers players multiple invasion modes that help players gather experience and learn fighting techniques.

With the help of the invasion mode, players can unlock new taunts, finishing modes and various other items.

Moreover, the level of a particular fighter will gradually increase upon completing the event. 

However, to know the Klue, players should use the technique and keybinds to deploy the move.

One wrong move in any invasion mode will be invalid, so players must start the moves first.

Several other invasion clues have separate techniques, including Flippin Out, Another Test Subject and Esdoryt Teh Dwlor.

However, the invasion mode can differ from map to map.

Fenjian Village, Sun Do Festival and Takatan Colony are three of the eight maps of the mode.

Erteca Aosch in Mk1

The Erteca Asosch is one of the invasion tasks of the Living Forest map in Mortal Kombat 1.

The other two klue in the map include Nomed Renni and QuackX10. 

As the developers often leave a hint, many Klues players can easily find the term behind it.

For players searching for Erteca Aosch, it resembles Create Chaos.

Unfortunately, for all the players who used the Chaos, Amulet is not the solution.

Finding The Erteca Aosch Klue In Mortal Kombat 1

If players are willing to discover the technique to complete the Erteca Aosch in invasion mode, follow the procedure,

1. Unlock HaviK

As the Create Chaos resembles the Havik fighter, unlocking him will grant a solution to players.

Initially, players should complete the story mode and head to the Store.

If players search for the Notifications and go to the Story Rewards.

Ensure to claim the Havik fighter and 500 Dragon Krystals.

2. Enter the mode

After unlocking the Havik, players should start him as a fighter in the Living Forest map.

Many players have tried using other characters, including Scorpion, Lui Kang, and Johnny Cage.

Unfortunately, Erteca Aosch is unique compared to other klue, so entering with Havik is the only solution.

Enter Erteca Aosch using Havik.

3. Use Fatality

Fatality is the last move of the fighter when the opponent’s health bar is Neil.

Players have three options to end the rounds; the other two include mercy and ending the round.

However, to solve the Klue of the Erteca Aosch, players should use the primary Havik Fatality.

Use the Fatality of HaviK.

Thankfully, players must not wait for rank 14 and use the second Fatality.

Unlocking the mode will grant a few rewards and add up the progression for the players.

The Bottom Line

The Erteca Asosch is an invasion mode objective in the Living Forest map with various rewards.

Players should finish the round using the Fatalities of Havik to complete the mode.

If players are yet to unlock him, ensure to complete the story mode 100%.

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