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What Is The Morgue Lever In BG3?

The Morgue Lever is a hidden mechanism in BG3.

It allows players to access certain areas without going through any luck-based checks. 

Players will encounter a Lever in the Morgue, House of Hope in BG3. This Lever allows players to bypass lockpick checks in another part of the Morgue. However, it is hidden in the backrooms of the Morgue.

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Where Is The Morgue In BG3?

The Morgue is a location within Baldur’s Gate 3, which will come across the Reithwin Town in Act 2.

Act 2 is Reithwin Town, which is the same place where players will find the Moonrise Towers.

When you reach Reithwin Town, head west, and you will find the Morgue in the  House of Healing.

You will face potent enemies and indeed monsters in the area.

Thus, you may want to use items that increase your necrotic resistance.

Furthermore, within Reithwin Town, you will also be able to fight against Ketheric Thorm.

Reithwin Town
To the west of Reithwin town, players will find the Morgue.
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 Use Of Morgue Lever In BG3

Players will find a Lever within the Morgue in one of the backrooms.

However, some players may not be able to interact with the Lever on their first try. To solve this issue, players must do a long rest.

Also, players must defeat the kuo-toa fish in the House Of Healing. This allows the entire event in the backroom to reset.

Furthermore, players must fight off against a few zombies inside the backroom.

However, after you pull this Lever, you will not need to fight any new boss monsters or new mob monsters.

At first glance, the Lever seems not to do anything.

However, the Lever unlocks one of the locked Levers to the east door in the poison/ gas zombie room.

Morgue lever Bg3
The Lever in the Morgue allows players to bypass lockpicking checks at another area of the Morgue.

This allows the players to directly interact with the Lever and pass and enter the next room without needing to go through a lockpick check.

Thus, the main reason to interact with this hidden Lever is to bypass the lockpick check.

However, if you want to try your luck at the check, you do not need to come and interact with this Lever.

Other Events In Morgue

Players can find mysterious areas, powerful creatures and treasures while exploring the House of Healing.

They must search the backpacks, sacks and the wooden chest found in the secret rooms.

Players will get rare items including Strange Tendril Amulet, Firzu Ring of Healing and Eversight rings.

Also, players will extract other secret locations underneath, including the cliffs that will open a cottage gateway.

In the Cottage, players will find the Cursed Kuo-toa aka Fish People whom players should beat to use the Lever.

Beat The Kuo-toa.

The Bottom Line

The hidden Lever in the Morgue is a form of convenience for players who want to explore every space of a quest area.

Furthermore, the players can gain a good amount of experience from exploring the Morgue because they must defeat enemies.

Also, players will obtain exclusive items like Amulets and rings to enhance their ability.

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