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Explore The Specifics Of Armament Haki In Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, players are intrigued by the capabilities of Armament Haki and are looking for ways to obtain them.

Armament Haki is a power you can use to enhance your combat abilities and increase your damage output during battles.

In Blox Fruits, Armament Haki is the process of Full-body Haki that will give you an incredible power surge to defeat your enemies. To obtain the Armament Haki, you must earn maximum Beli and trade them for the Arammanet Haki from Rayleigh.

Continue reading to learn more about Armament Haki, all its stages and how to obtain it in Blox fruits.

What Is Armament Haki In Blox Fruits?

Armament Haki is an extraordinary power that will help players enhance their skills in Blox Fruits. 

Furthermore, Armament Haki is also known as Busoshoku Haki in Blox fruits.

You can activate the Armament Haki by pressing the J key on your keyboard.

When you activate the Haki for the first time, you can only use it for 27 seconds.

However, you must activate the Haki for more than 48 hours in the game to unlock the swirling purple effect on your sword.

Buso shoku haki
In Blox fruits, when you use the Armament Haki, you will transform up to 5 times.

When you use this powerful technique, it will help you enhance your attacking and defensive skills.

Your Armament Haki has five stages, which will cause various visual effects on your character’s body.

Hence, when you activate the Haki, your character’s body will become darker according to the stage you are in.

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The Power Of Armamnet Haki 

After you activate the Armament Haki, your character’s body will start turning black with a spiritual kind of armour.

As soon as this transformation happens, you will feel the surge of more power.

So when you hit your enemies, the Haki in your body will make your attacks do massive damage compared to usual.

Moreover, it also helps you to become more formidable as you start to take less damage from the enemy’s attacks.

Five Stages Of Armament Haki

In Blox fruits, when you use the Armament Haki, you will transform up to 5 times.

Hence, in each of the five stages of the Haki, your character’s looks will change.

Take a look at all the transformations that happen in each stage of Armament Haki.

  • Stage 1: If your fighting preference is Electro, your hand turn black. If you prefer the Black legs style, your full foot goes black.
  • Stage 2: In the second stage of Armament Haki, both your arms and legs turn black, but your body does not.
  • Stage 3: In the third stage, your whole body turns black for both Electro and Black Leg styles.
  • Stage 4: To use the Electro and Black Leg, your head turns black in the fourth stage.
  • Stage 5: Finally, you get both arms black for Black Leg and legs black for Electro.

How To Obtain Armament Haki In Blox Fruits?

To obtain the Armament Haki in Blox Fruits, the first step is to find an NPC called Rayleigh

You can find him by visiting the Winter Island Cave in the game.

Additionally, you can buy the Haki from Rayleigh, but for that, you need to give 100,000 Beli to him.

Armament Haki
After you activate the Armament Haki, your character’s body will start turning black.

However, you can easily collect Beli by defeating enemies and bosses in Blox Fruits.

After you trade your Beli from the Armament Haki, you must focus on increasing its levels.

Hence, you can do this by actively using it in your Blox Fruits battles.

Increase Your Haki Levels

When you attack your enemies by activating the Haki, your Haki skill increases, and it gains XP points.

So, you must focus on gaining XP to increase your Haki skills and their levels.

The best way to earn more XP for your Armament Haki is to use power moves during battles.

For instance, you can use Electro, regular combat moves, and Black Leg Style at your enemies with the Haki on.

You can also wield a sword instead of a fist to hit enemies multiple times and earn more XP.

The Bottom Line

Once you obtain the Armament Haki, you will become a formidable force in the game.

Therefore, focus on levelling up your Full Body Haki by using it in the battles to earn XP.

Hence, get ready to take on the most challenging bosses with this new surge of power in black.

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