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What To Do After The First Boss In Palworld?

Players might be wondering what to do after beating the first boss in Palworld. 

Starting on the Palworld journey, defeating the first boss is a significant milestone, but the adventure doesn’t end there.

Discovering what steps to take after conquering the initial boss is crucial for progression and success.

Continue reading more about what to do after the first boss in Palworld.

How To Defeat The First Palworld Boss?

To defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt, you must choose ground-type pals like Gumoss and Fuddler. 

It is important to choose the appropriate pals for the battle, as they are highly effective against Electric-type Pals.

Grizzbolt unleashes electric missiles from a distance but prefers close combat with claws.

Additionally, protect yourself from melee attacks by using a pillar as a barrier.

Be cautious of Grizzbolt’s triple ground slam, executed after approaching you; dodge three times to avoid it.

Zoe aims her laser bolt intermittently, providing a brief opportunity to seek cover before her shot.

It’s possible to engage in melee combat behind Grizzbolt while your Pal distracts, but watch out for his electric AoE attack.

What Is The Best Pals To Use Against Zoe and Grizzbolt?

In the boss battle at Palworld’s Rayne’s Syndicate Tower, you’ll face Zoe and the electric Pal Grizzbolt.

Grizzbolt has 30,550 HP, but certain Pals work well against it.

Moreover, watch out for Grizzbolt’s multi-hit combo, orb flinging, and stun-inducing pinpoint blast.

Faceoff with Zoey and Grizzbolt
A player having a faceoff with Zoey and Grizzbolt.

Nitewing performed excellently with fast attacks and a flying rush, while Relaxauruses struggled and got incapacitated quickly.

Lamball, forgotten to replace, contributed little due to frequent stunning.

Surprisingly, Cattiva held its own in the later stages of the fight.

Strategic Pal selection, adaptation, and careful consideration of Grizzbolt’s attack patterns are necessary for success in this encounter.

What To Do After Defeating The First Boss In Palworld?

When you defeat the first Boss, you should gather any rewards or loot dropped by the defeated boss.

These items can be valuable for crafting, trading, or enhancing your Pal collection.

The initial boss in Palworld awaits in a strategically positioned area, presenting a formidable obstacle for players entering the game.
The initial boss in Palworld awaits in a strategically positioned area.

Other things you could do after the first Boss are:

1. Level Up And Upgrade

Players can use the experience of defeating the boss to level up.

This can unlock additional features, technologies, and crafting recipes

Further, upgrade your base and technology to enhance your overall capabilities.

2. Expand Your Pal Collection

As you explore new areas, focus on capturing and taming diverse Pals.

Building a varied and strong Pal team will be crucial for overcoming tougher challenges and bosses in the future.

3. Complete Quests

Check for any new quests or missions that become available after defeating the first boss.

Quests often provide valuable rewards and guide you through the game’s progression.

4. Craft And Build

Utilize the resources obtained from the boss and exploration to craft new items and build essential structures in your base.

Enhance your arsenal, create useful tools, and improve your living quarters.

5. Prepare For The Next Challenge

Anticipate tougher challenges and bosses in the future. Ensure that your Pals are well-equipped, and stock up on essential resources.

Strategic preparation will increase your chances of success in upcoming battles.

What Are The Other Tough Bosses After The First Boss?

The following is a list of bosses after the first one:

1. Lily And Lyleen

Location: Free Pal Alliance Tower

Challenge: 69K damage in 10 minutes

Equip Fire-type Pals, particularly Vanwyrm, in readiness for the Grass-type Lyleen.

If using Vanwyrm, adopt a defensive strategy, aim for Lyleen’s head for critical hits, and steer clear of its projectiles.

Dodge or use cover against Lyleen’s attacks.

2. Axel And Oserk

The third major boss battle can be found in Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre, featuring Axel’s Orserk, a formidable Electric-type Pal.

Equip your party with Ground-type Pals to counter and be cautious of its potent electric breath attack.

Wearing heat-resistant clothing is recommended for added protection during your journey.

3. Marcus And Falaeris

Faleris, a Fire-type, doubles as a flying mount for Marcus. Optimal effectiveness in this battle comes from using Water-type Pals.

Exercise caution near the water’s edge, as Marcus possesses a potent cannon attack that can reach you.

4. Victor And Shadowbeak

The ultimate challenge in Palworld awaits at the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower, where you face Victor & Shadowbeak.

Boasting over 200k health, this battle is the most formidable encounter in the game.

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