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When Does Naydra Spawn?

Naydra is one of the dragons among the other two wandering dragons: Dinraal and Farosh, in the Hyrule kingdom.

The Great Ice Spirit Dragon, Naydra, can be seen patrolling the vast Mount Lanayru.

Naydra first appears around 12:00 AM and disappears by around 6:00 AM. It will spawn from the western sky if you wait in the grassy area on the south side of Lanayru Bay.

Continue reading to learn about Naydra, when and where it appears, and how to farm it.

Where Does Naydra Spawn?

Naydra is different from the other dragons as it must be set free to be discovered in the wild.

To do this, ascend Mount Lanayru in the southeastern part of the Lanayru region.

Additionally, it is the location of the Jitan Sa’Mi temple and the Spring of Wisdom.

Appearance of Naydra
Naydra is spawning around the peak of Lanayru.

Moreover, you can get a close-up view of Naydra if you paraglide perpendicular to the river once you spot the updraft.

Tips To Farm Naydra

The Lanayru East Gate is the ideal location to find and farm Naydra.

The gate is situated north of Purifier Lake and west of Lanayru Mountain.

You can reach the location by warping to Jitan Sa’mi Shrine and traveling across the Naydra Snowfield to the west.

A bit to the north of Naydra, there are mountains called Snowfield.

You can use Revali’s Gale to ascend since this overlooks the area where Naydra will descend.

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Is Naydra Dangerous?

Despite being harmless to people, Naydra’s icy body makes it risky to get close to.

Likewise, the ice aura encircling its body will freeze Link if he approaches too closely.

Wearing Zant’s Helmet or a full Snowquill Set that a Great Fairy has twice boosted will save Link from freezing.

Link can use a bow to shoot Naydra, making different materials fall from Naydra.

You can press Y to aim your arrow at the part that needs horns, scales, or claws.

Just start a fire and wait for it to show up again which you can only do once each day.

Hitting a Naydra
Link is hitting a Naydra with a bow.

When Does Naydra Spawn?

In most cases, Naydra won’t spawn in the world.

If Link frees the four Divine Beasts or finishes the Seek Out Impa Main Quest before Naydra releases from the Malice, Naydra will spawn.

It will always spawn after one of these tasks has been finished and whenever one of the subsequent circumstances occurs:

  • Link is in the Lanayru area
  • It occurs between the time of 7 PM and 7 AM
  • If the Naydra isn’t spawned that day

Naydra always appears on its flight path far from Link and departs after five hours of flight or if Link confronts it.

However, if a new day begins at midnight, it is possible to cause Naydra to spawn twice in a single night.

It spawns at Mount Lanayru at 2:00 AM and travels in a circle before swinging south. 

However, it disappears at 9:00 AM, therefore you can mainly find Naydra at Lanayru Road, East Gate.

From the table below, you can learn more about the exact time of the Naydra spawn, its location, and its behavior during that time. 

TimeLocation Characteristics
12:00 AMMount Lanayru's East SideDisappearing midst the clouds
2:00 AMRabia PlainTravelling east, getting close to Lanayru Heights
5:00 AMMount LanayruFlying around the peak
6:00 AMEast Gate of Lanayru RoadMoving toward west while flying low
9:00 AMHeights of LanayruMoving toward east while flying
10:00 AMRabia PlainFlying east
11:00 AMSamasa PlainHeading east while flying low

The Bottom Line

Naydra is a rare and beautiful dragon that deserves your respect and admiration.

It is apparent when and where Naydra appears with its variant features.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness one of the wonders of Hyrule.

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