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Do Gloom Hands Respawn In TotK?

Players encounter a formidable enemy called Gloom Hands in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

These creatures, also known as Glom Spawn, are a significant threat with their surprising speed.

The Gloom Hands can respawn when you do not defeat these enemies simultaneously. Therefore, to defeat it all at once, you can implement strategies like staying on the higher ground, attacking with bomb flower and many more.

Here, we will dive deeper into what kind of creatures they are and their respawn mechanism.

What Are Gloom Hands?

Gloom Hands are monstrous enemies composed of five Hands that come out of a nasty-looking puddle in locations like Hyrule.

They resemble large, clawed Hands and have an ominous eye on their palms.

totk gloom hands
The Gloom Hands are one of the cruelest enemies.

These can quickly overwhelm a player, and if you get caught in one of them, you are pretty much dead.

Fortunately, there is information about the locations where Gloom Hands usually appear.

totk gloom hands location
You can see the map to check where the Gloom Hands may appear.

However, you can take a few steps to get away or defeat these Hands.

How To Defeat The Gloom Hands?

Although defeating the Gloom Hands is hard and not done in one swipe, you can get various rewards.

1. Run Away

The easiest step to defeat the Gloom Hands is simply to run away.

However, they are surprisingly fast, so running away without being caught will be quite difficult.

Fortunately, it is not impossible; if you successfully run away, they will disappear into the ground because they are timed.

It will look like they simply vanished or died, leaving behind a dark clump of material.

totk dark clump
Dark Clump is the reward if you successfully run away from Gloom Hands.

2. Stay On High Ground

If you plan on defeating the Gloom Hands, the most strategic option is to attack them by staying on high ground.

totk high ground
Stay on the high ground to defeat the Gloom Hands.

You can use up to 4 or 5 Bomb Flowers and a Bow and Arrow to attack it.

totk bomb flower
The Bomb Flower can help to defeat Gloom Hands.

However, the attack will not be complete here. A creature called a Phantom Canon will appear after you defeat the Hands.

Favorably, the Phantom Canon is fairly easy to get away from.

totk phantom canon
You can defeat TotK Phantom Canon easily.

Nevertheless, you must defeat the Phantom Canon to gain rewards.

To defeat the Phantom Canon, you can get to a place where it cannot reach you and attack it.

After defeating it, you will be rewarded with a Gloom Sword, a demon king’s bow and several dark clumps.

Continue reading to discover the primary weakness of Gloom Hands.

Do Gloom Hands Respwan?

The respawning mechanics of Gloom Hands are quite simple but equally frustrating to players.

If you do not defeat all the Hands at once, the Gloom Hands will respawn and quickly turn into five.

Even though you defeat four Hands at once and are in the process of defeating the other hand, it will respawn and turn into five.

Hence, the only option is to defeat the Hands all at once or else the respawning mechanism of the Hands comes into action.

The Bottom Line

The Gloom Hands are one of the deadliest enemies of the Tears of the Kingdom game.

Furthermore, the respawn mechanism of the Gloom Hands makes it much more difficult to defeat them.

However, the exciting benefits gained from defeating the Hands make it fruitful.

Therefore, you can take different measures to defeat the Gloom Hands.

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