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Why Can’t I See My Likes On Instagram? [Easy Fixes]

Recently Instagram is introducing a new feature where you can’t see your Likes on Instagram.

Introducing the feature of hiding Likes on your Instagram removes the competition between the users and provokes them to create more helpful content.

This feature is leading users to depressurize themselves for Likes on their posts.

You can’t see your Likes on Instagram when the Hide Likes option is Turned on. You can simply turn the Hide Likes option Off and use NapoleonCat, to generate hidden Likes on your uploaded posts. 

However, for some users, not seeing the Likes on their Instagram posts makes them anxious.

Continue reading the article to learn how to see your Likes on Instagram and the new features of Instagram.

Why Are Likes Hidden On Instagram?

On Instagram, users can either double-tap the screen or select the heart-shaped option to “Like” a post that appears in their newsfeed.

Sometimes the posts with these Likes are hidden or do not display them. It can happen if you intentionally or accidentally turn on the Hide Likes option.

Turning On The Hide Likes Option
Turning on the Hide Likes option on Instagram do not display your Likes.

Unless you block or unfollow someone on Instagram, all Likes are visible.

However, if you block or unfollow someone, their Likes are hidden. Likewise, only those approved can see the Likes on your posts.

Once you turn on the Hide Likes option, you won’t see the total number of Likes; instead, you’re notified with Liked by [Instagram_user] and others.

In addition, the head of Instagram (Adam Mosseri) says more about hiding the Likes on users’ accounts.

Here are some of the reasons Instagram includes a Hide Likes option.

  • Persuading a user to participate epigrammatically rather than the Likes
  • Enjoying Instagram’s service without worrying about competition for Likes
  • Engaging people with elevating content, connecting them to the world
  • Public displaying of engagement scores adversely affects people posting
  • To see more users post regularly and share what they are truly passionate about without worrying about their post’s rank.

How To Display Hidden Likes On Instagram Posts?

It is easy to generate hidden Likes on your Instagram posts. Follow the steps below to display hidden Likes on Instagram.

  1. First, go to Settings on Instagram.
Go to Settings on Instagram
Go to Settings on Instagram.
  1. Next, a screen with different options will appear; tap on Privacy.
Tapping Privacy On Instagram
Tap on the Privacy button.
  1. Similarly, the Posts option will appear; tap it, leading you toward the Hide Likes option.
Tapping Posts on instagram
Tap on the Posts button on Instagram.
  1. Finally, turn off the Hide Likes option to see all the Likes.
Turning Off The Hide Likes Option
Turn off the Hide Likes option to see all the Likes on Instagram.

Alternatively, you can use the tool NapoleonCat, which lets you see the total number of Likes on your posts and allows you to coordinate with the time.

Instagram management Tool
You can also use the Napolean Cat app to display Likes on Instagram.

The Bottom Line

Instagram allows you to Hide your Likes on posts. Turning on the option may prevent you from seeing the Likes on your posts on Instagram.

Hope these steps aid you in displaying all the Likes on your Instagram posts.

Moreover, you also can share this article and assist those having trouble getting Likes on their posts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Likes Disappear On Instagram?

After you block someone on Instagram, you won’t be able to see their comments and Likes in your posts.

And, even if you unblock and follow them again, the Likes will not appear on your post.

What Is The Instagram-Like Limit?

On Instagram, users can like upto 1000 posts per day; however, sometimes, even after 700 Likes, the account gets blocked.

How Many Likes Do You Need To Make Money From Instagram?

To make money on Instagram, you need 1000 Likes and followers and can work as an influencer.

Similarly, if you have well influenced Instagram account, you can sell it to other individuals at a high amount.

If you specialize in a specific field, you can generate and sell an online course on Instagram.

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