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Xenoverse 2 Raid Bonanza: Rewards Unveiled

Xenoverse 2 introduced raid battles, including teaming up and defeating the raid bosses that start from level 1 to level 99.

However, fighting them with all the after-rewards players earn for participating in the event is worth it.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, a raid is a cooperative online event in which players team up to defeat a powerful boss enemy and earn rewards, like TP medals, new clothes, and even new skills.

Continue reading to learn more about the raid, how to complete it, and raid rewards in Xenoverse 2.

What Is Raid In Xenoverse 2?

Raids are online battles where you join forces with other players to take on a formidable opponent.

Your main objective is to defeat the raid boss, and in return, you can earn rewards like costumes, accessories, and TP medals.

Therefore, raids are typically much more challenging than regular missions and require players to work together and use skills strategically.

 raid boss battle
Raid boss battle vs. Broly (Super Saiyan Full Power).

Here are some ways to complete the raids efficiently:

  • Raids are much easier to complete with a team, so you can join a group in the lobby or ask your friends.
  • Use your skills strategically, as different bosses have different weaknesses.
  • If you struggle to deal damage, you can use an item that boosts your attack powers.
  • Communicate with your teammates to coordinate your attacks and strategies.
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Raids Rewards In Xenoverse 2

Here is the list of rewards while competing in Raid in Xenoverse 2;

Raid BossParticipation Rewards5,000 Damage15,000 Damage30,000 Damage50,000 Damage100,000 Damage
SaibamanHercule Badge(Common) x1, TP Medals x 5050 TP Medals, Boxer Costume Bottom, Nickname: More50 TP Medals, Jimeze's Super Soul, Nickname: More50 TP Medals, Boxer Outfit (Hands)50 TP Medals, Boxer Outfit (Shoes)50 TP Medals, Nickname: Avenger
JanembaHercule Badge(Common) x1, TP Medals x 5050 TP Medals, Nickname: More50 TP Medals, Trendy Suit (Shoes)Janemba's SwordZuno's TopknotNickname: Avenger
BrolyHercule Badge(Common) x1, TP Medals x 5050 TP Medals, Nickname: MoreGoku's Winter Coat, Nickname: BerserkBroly Clothes Set, Nickname: FierceSuper Soul, Nickname: the Final WeaponKefla Wig, Nickname: Avenger
BeerusSatan Badge(Common) x1, TP Medals TP Medals, Fashionable Bikini (Up and Down)Beerus Costume (Upper and Lower Limbs), Nickname: HabitFancy Sea Bread (Bottom), Street Name: RagnarokUltra Soul, Street Name: AvengerNone
Super 17Hercule Badge(Common) x1, TP Medals x 5050 TP Medals, Nickname: MoreNickname: Fantastic, Super 17 Clothes SetCamo Bikini, Nickname "Red Ribbon Army"Super Soul, Nickname "Now it's My Turn"Nickname: Avenger
Majin VegetaSatan Badge(Common) x1, TP MedalsTP Medals, Street Name: MoreTights' Hat, Street Name "I Woke Up with Intense Anger"Street Name: I Love YouStreet Name: AvengerNone
HitHercule Badge(Common) x1, TP Medals x 50Street Name: MoreStreet Name: SlayerSuper SoulStreet Name: ExciserStreet Name: Avenger
Great Ape BabySatan Badge(Common) x1, TP MedalsTP Medals, Gold Monkey Suits (Up and Down)Mr. Satan's Wig 2Gold Monkey Suit (Limbs)Gold Monkey Hat & ShippoStreet Name: Avenger
Corrupted ZamasuHercule Badge(Common) x1, TP Medals x 50TP Medals, Fused Zamasu WigFused Zamasu (Upper and Lower Leg)NoneZeno Clothes (Up and Down the Legs)Street Name: God Soldiers, Street Name: Avenger
Zamasu / BlackHercule Badge(Common) x1, TP Medals x 50TP Medals, Super Saiyan Rosé WigGolden Gi (Top and Bottom)Golden Gi (Hands and Feet)Street Name: Kami or GodStreet Name: Avenger
raid rewards in Xenoverse 2
Participate in raids to earn bonus raid rewards for defeating each different boss.

The Bottom Line

Raids are a fun way to cooperate with other players and get excellent items for your character.

Therefore, learning the boss’s pattern can make avoiding and defeating its attacks easier.

Players will receive exclusive rewards that can come in handy while progressing through.

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