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Survive The Little Girl Lethal Company

The little girl in Lethal Company is an entity that preys on players with the highest insanity.

Furthermore, her unique feature makes her hunting pattern even more fearsome.

The Little girl in Lethal Company is an eerie little girl with a red dress and unique mechanics that allow her to hunt the players outside the area she spawned in.

This article discusses the little girl and her patterns in Lethal Company.

Who Is The Little Girl In Lethal Company?

The Little Girl is one of the entities players will encounter when playing Lethal Company.

She wears a striking red dress that players cannot miss when she is near them.

Furthermore, players encountering the little girl explain her presence as an eerie experience.

Moreover, players can only encounter the little girl on one of the moons. Thus, they can come across her whenever they are on the moon.

However, players will notice a few cues before seeing the Little girl.

Furthermore, the little girl will only target one player at a time. Thus, only one player in a group can see her in the area.

Moreover, she will target another player after she takes down the targetted players.

This process will continue until she totally wipes out the entire group.

little girl in red dress lethal comapny
Little girl will randomly hunt players in Lethal Company.
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How To Survive The Little Girl In Lethal Company?

There are various mechanics that players must keep in mind to survive the Little Girl in Lethal Company.

The first mechanic is the insanity level. If the players have a high insanity level, the little girl will target them first.

The insanity level can be high due to various reasons, however, players claim that being injured can cause the girl to target them more.

Thus, having a low insanity level is the best choice to survive the Little Girl.

There are other cues that players must keep in mind. Here is a list of cues that players must keep in mind:

  1. Giggling or breathing sounds
  2. Flickering lights/Terminal or fuzzy vision
  3. Distorted,  muffled, or amplified hearing
  4. Silenced communications
  5. Seeing the little girl’s back from a distance

These are the starting cues that players must keep in mind when the little girl starts stalking them.

Little girl lethal company
Little Girl preys on players with high insanity levels.

However, if the little girl starts skipping towards the player, she will go for the attack and kill the player.

If the player touches the little girl, they will perish instantly.

Furthermore, the little girl is the only entity in the game to travel outside the area and still hunt the players.

To survive her, players must either run towards their ship the instant they see her.

If they do not go back to the ship, then the chances are they will be the sole reason for the demise of the entire party.

Furthermore, if she does start skipping towards the players, the players are bound to perish. There are no ways to save the players at that point.

The Bottom Line

The Lethal Company is a horror game, and players can meet various entities in the game, similar to the little girl.

Furthermore, the little girl is one of the most dangerous entities due to her unique mechanics of going out of the area.

Thus, it is better to pay great attention to the area and the insanity level when exploring any area in the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in surviving the little girl in Lethal Company.

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