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Why Is The Reddit Logo Pixelated?

Reddit is a social media platform and website where users can submit and discuss content in posts.

Its logo is an eye-catching and memorable symbol representing the platform. Moreover, it features a cartoon alien known as the “Snoo” mascot. 

The Reddit logo is pixelated as a tribute to the r/Place collaborative art project officially launched on April 1, 2017.

In this article, we will discover why Reddit’s logo is pixelated, how users reacted, and why the logo changed.

Why Is The Reddit Logo Pixelated?

In the latest iOS app update, Reddit changed its logo to a pixelated version as part of its new aesthetic.

The Reddit logo is pixelated as a tribute to the r/Place collaborative art project officially launched on April 1, 2017.

This allowed individual users to place a single pixel of color every five minutes on a large canvas.

Reddit Logo Pixelated
Users can change the app icon of their choice. PC:

The result was an ever-changing piece of art created collectively by the Reddit community.

As a nod to this unique event, Reddit chose to pixelate its logo, reminiscent of the pixel art style that users created during r/Place.

Reddit’s users have expressed mixed reactions to the pixelated logo.

For some, the new logo is a nostalgic and creative nod to the past, specifically the r/Place collaborative art project that captured the community’s imagination in 2017.

By pixelating the logo, Reddit pays homage to this unique event showcasing collaboration’s power within its community.

Reddit users' reaction towards its new logo.
Reddit users’ reaction towards its new logo.

However, the change has not pleased all users. Some have expressed their preference for the previous smooth and refined logo. 

They argue that the original logo better represented Reddit’s professional and modern image.

Additionally, users must pay for the option to change the app icon in the Reddit iOS app.

The app’s latest update replaced the previous smooth OrangeRed icon with a pixel-art illustration of the Reddit alien mascot’s head.

However, free users have limited options for choosing a different icon.

The “Original” icon is only available to users who subscribe to the paid subscription service Reddit Premium.

Why Did The Reddit Logo Change?

The Reddit logo was changed as part of a redesign of the site. 

It aimed to refresh the look and feel of “the front page of the internet.”

The new design retains Reddit’s iconic mascot, Snoo, but presents it in an updated and modernized way.

The redesign aims to offer a fresh and contemporary appearance while preserving the essence of what makes Reddit unique and engaging.

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The Bottom Line

The Reddit logo underwent a change as part of a site-wide redesign to enhance its visual appeal and user experience.

The updated logo reflects Reddit’s commitment to modernization while preserving its core identity with the beloved mascot, Snoo.

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