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Why Is Yasuo Old In The League Of Legends Cinematic?

The new season 2024 “Still Here” Cinematic of League of Legends resulted in chaos all over the internet.

However, players are curious to know why old Yasuo is featured in this new cinematic.

Riot Games has developed a new cinematic video for League of Legends, featuring Old Yasuo and a glimpse of his potential future in Ionia.

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Who Is Yasuo?

Yasuo is an agile swordsman, the unforgiven, the king of mid-lane, born in an Ionian village in League of Legends.

Moreover, he has excellent swordplay skills, wind-based abilities, and high burst damage.

Hence, he is a melee champion who primarily played in the mid-lane, but he can also play in the top lane.

This once-proud warrior, young man was forced to flee Ionia after making a disastrous mistake.

Hence, he was accused of murdering his master, a mistake that could never be unforgivable.

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Why Is Yasuo Old In Cinematic?

Yasuo has seen different, older than before in the Season 14 kick-off cinematic titled “Still Here” battle.

However, this cinematic represents the lore of the League universe through three different periods.

The cinematic displays the three different eras of Runeterra, i.e., the past, present, and potential future of Runeterra. 

The first scene features Aatrox, Morgana, and Kayleand battling in Demacia’s past.

The second scene features Kindred, Tryndamere, and Ashe in the Freljord.

league of legends lol yasuo skin
League of Legends old man Yasuo skin.

Likewise, the third scene of the cinematic features Yasuo in which we can see a glimpse of his future in Ionia.

You will see old Yasuo in the cinematic scene showing his futurity and expressing how he will look in the future.

Hence, you will see him with a silver ponytail, fine lines on the skin, grey eyebrows, and a long beard. 

It seems like this older version of the battle boss has mastered his techniques even more.

Moreover, you will see him holding a staff instead of his wind blade.

How Old Is Yasuo In Cinematic?

League of Legends is a 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game by Riot Game.

However, as a later champ, he wasn’t in the game when League of Legends existed.

Fans discussion on Reddit on Old Yasuo skin
Fans discussion on Reddit about Old Yasuo’s skin.

Yasuo a champion release date in League is December 13, 2013.

He comes out later in the game, basically 10 years ago so we can say that he is 10 years old now.

Hence, Old Yasuo is a possible future character who has retried, found peace, and continues to defend the innocents of Ionia. 

The Bottom Line

In the League of Legends 2024 cinematic trailer you can see a glimpse of the old Yasuo skin along with a glimpse at the Champion’s future.

Hence, Old Man Yasuo’s skin in League of Legends is coming soon and the fans are happy to see the old version of this Battle Boss.

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