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All WoW SOD Phase 2 Runes Revealed

The WoW Season of Discovery (SOD) Phase 2 will feature new runes, quests, and locations for players to explore.

All players are thrilled about what phase 2 has in store for them before its release.

Phase 2 in WoW SOD will include new PvP runes, and Tank runes along with a level cap up to 40, a new Gnomeregan raid instance, new quests, and Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament.
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An Overview Of WoW SOD Phase 2

Players are eagerly anticipating phase 2 and its new features in the game WoW SOD after the success of phase 1.

However, the game developers have not officially announced the release date of phase 2 yet.

But it is expected to come after January 11, 2024, after the launch of Ruby Sanctum Raid for WoW Classic WotLK.

Boss in phase 2 WoW SOD
Overview of new bosses in Phase 2 of SOD.

Moreover, in phase 2, players will be able to access further levels in the game and access different runes to make builds.

Further, new features in SOD Phase 2:

  • New runes for each class
  • Gnomeregan raid instance
  • Maximum Level cap up to 40 
  • The Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament
  • The professions level cap will increase to level 225 (Expert)
  • A possible PvP zone in Stranglethorn Vale
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All The Phase 2 Runes In WoW SOD

While the exact details of Phase 2 Runes in WoW SOD have not been officially revealed yet.

But, for sure there will be new runes in Phase 2 similar to SOD Phase 1 each with a unique ability.

These runes will provide the ability to customize your character with new skills and passive effects.

Further, each class will have another set of 12 new runes for the gear slots.

In addition, there are different runes for different classes and roles, and some of them are very powerful and comparable to core talents.

Players can equip a rune on each gear slot to enhance their character’s power.

Likewise, they can discover more potent and personalized runes while progressing further in the game.

According to the official sources, it will take a much longer time to discover the runes in each class.

Additionally, some of the potential runes of Phase 2 are:

1. PvP Runes

PvP runes are special items that can be engraved on your gear to enhance your performance in player-versus-player (PvP) combat.

Likewise, one of the best PvP runes in phase 1 was Quick Draw.

Players can expect similar or even better PvP runes in Phase 2.

2. Tank Runes

Players can engrave Tank runes on their gear to improve the survivability and threat generation in dungeons and raids.

Further, some of the best tank runes are:

  • Flagellation
  • Single-Minded Fury
  • Furious Thunder 

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the WoW SOD phase 2 will have improved and customizable runes in each of the classes.

Players will be able to explore each of the runes and apply them in their gameplay mechanics after the release of phase 2.

Further, Blizzard will share more details as we approach the release date of Phase 2.

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