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Mage Scrolls In WoW SoD: Unleash More Power

WoW SoD Mage can use Scrolls to possess temporary buff with the use of various scrolls in the game.

The Mage in World of Warfare casts a spell, deals high damage, and has area effects. It has specializations such as Arcane, Fire, and Frost.

The introduction of new scrolls in WoW Season of Discovery (SoD) empowers Mages with various abilities. The mage can use the new scrolls for temporary buff or effect in the game.

Continue reading more about Mage and Scrolls in WoW SoD.

Mage In World Of Warcraft

The Mage is a ranged class in WoW that wields powerful arcane, fire, and frost-based spells.

mage from wow
Mage is using the fire and frost spells.

There are three specializations available to Mage. All of them are described below:

1. Arcane

They are the mages who focus on utilizing spells like Arcane Blast and Explosion. Hence, arcane mages are known for their burst damage.

Additionally, most of your damage is in a phase is referred to as the “Burn.”

2. Fire

Fire mages specialize in fire magic, casting spells like Fireball and Pyroblast.

Moreover, they excel at dealing with sustained damage over time and reside in a few caves, keeps, and ruins across Skyrim.

3. Frost

Frost mages harness the power of frost magic, using spells like Frostbolt and Blizzard.

Therefore, they are often chosen for their crowd control abilities and high burst damage potential in World of Warcraft Classic.

Furthermore, players can choose the specialization that aligns with their preferred playstyle and role in group content.

What Is Mage Scrolls?

Mage scrolls, as the name suggests, can only be opened by Mages to provide temporary buffs or effects lasting 30 minutes.

These scrolls drop from enemies across Azeroth, from mobs in starting zones. However, the drop rate chance is very low.

Moreover, they are in more advanced zones like The Barrens and Redridge Mountains. 

Scrolls of knowledge
You can use scrolls of knowledge to identify items you seek.

Similarly, in this Season of Discovery, players obtain the regular spells used to create buffs from Decipher Scrolls.

Players should collect decipher scrolls from various locations first and then use Comprehension Charms on the scrolls to obtain spell notes.

Comprehension Charms are a special currency rewarded for completing the Mage class quest or you can buy from reagent vendors.

Moreover, here is the list of all the Mage Scrolls alongside regular scrolls after the use of Comprehension Charms for clear idea:

Mage ScrollsScrolls After Decipher
CHAP BALK WELLESScroll of Protection
CWALScroll of Intellect
KWYJIBOScroll of Agility
OMIT KESAScroll of Spirit
STHENIC LUNATEScroll of Strength
Note: After the use of Comprehension Charms on the decipher scrolls, you’ll only get one of the above regular scrolls.

Finally, you can use them on yourself, or a party member grants a 30-minute buff, providing bonus stats based on the scroll.

The Bottom Line

Mage Scrolls in World of Warcraft provide temporary buffs or effects to unleash more power.

These scrolls unlock many abilities in Mages. However, the only caveat is the rareness of Mage Scrolls in the game.

Hopefully, this article will enlighten you with all the knowledge about Mage Scrolls In WoW SoD.

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