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Wyll Pact Boon Choices In BG3: Which One To Choose?

Wyll is another companion whose pact boon players must choose in BG3 among three pact boons.

Furthermore, each pact boon offers unique spells and features for various playstyles.

In BG3, there are three types of Pact Boon that Wyll can choose to enhance his capabilities and options as Warlock. The three pacts are Pact of Blade, Pact of Chain, and Pact of Tone which affect the gameplay based on which you choose.

Continue reading to learn about Wyll as a companion and the choices for the pact boon in BG3.

Who Is Wyll In BG3?

Wyll is an origin character and a companion character of the Warlock class in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Further, he is most suitable for the Pact of Blad in BG3 because of his Fiend sub-class and the multiple benefits the pact boon provides.

Like Astarion, you can either choose him and play as him throughout the game’s storyline.

Or, you can choose him as your companion character and work beside him throughout the story.

You can first meet Wyll in Act One of the game at the refugee camp next to Druid Grove.

wyll pact boon bg3
Wyll is a companion character of Baldur’s Gate 3.

In addition, Wyll belongs to the Warlock family and the Fiend subclass of the Warlocks.

Furthermore, you can also change the sub-class and the class of Wyll by interacting with Withers.

However, doing so can mess with the game’s plotline which is not advisable to the players.

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The Pact Boon Choice In BG3

The Warlocks are the most popular classes of Baldur’s Gate 3 with spells as their speciality.

Additionally, there are three sub-classes of the Warlock class. They are:

  • The Fiend
  • The Great Old One
  • The Archfey

The classes of the Warlocks are mainly determined by the people to whom they make their pact.

The Fiends make a pact with one of the devilish fiends that inhabit the Nine Hells.

On the other hand, The Great Old One makes a pact with an eldritch that lurks in the Material Plane.

Also, The Archfey makes a pact with a high-ranking lady or the lord of the Fey.

How To Choose A Wyll Pact Poon In BG3?

To be able to choose a pact boon, you first have to play as a Warlock in the game.

Furthermore, you have to reach level 3 which will let you choose the pact boon.

Being able to choose the Pact Boon choice will help aid your play during your combat.

There are three types of pact boons for a Warlock class character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

1. Pact Of Chain

The Pact of Chain provides either a Quasit, an Imp, or a tiny animal to help with your combat.

In addition, the Quasit can cast a spell that can frighten an enemy during the battle.

Also, the Imp can poison enemies and avoid being poisoned which can be greatly beneficial.

2. Pact Of Blade

The Pact Of Blade binds or summons a pact weapon, allowing for magical properties.

In addition, this can also help with calculating the damage of a melee attack and much more.

3. Pact Of Tome

The Pact of Tome provides you with a small spellbook for your spellcaster Warlock, Book of Shadows.

Also, it allows you to use three spells Guidance, Vicious Mockery, and Thor Whip.

Overall, you can cast three more spells: Animate Dead, Call Lighting, and Haste once you reach level 5.

Which Pact Boon To Choose For Wyll?

The Pact Boon choice depends on your individual playstyle and preferences for the character.

Moreover, no one Warlock pact boon is better than another pact boon.

If your play style is aggressive, then you would benefit from the Pact of Chain for your Warlock character.

The Pact of Blade is the most suitable if your character is aggressive and a fiend sub-class Warlock.

If you take a back seat and are interested in casting spells, Pact of Tome is the right choice for you.

wyll pact of boon bg3 Reddit
Reddit user discussion about the pact boon choices for Wyll.

Since Wyll is a Fiend sub-class warlock, the Pact of Blade would be a definite option for this companion.

Also, many people on Reddit think that the Pact of Blade is the most suitable for Wyll.

However, it is up to you and whichever choices you make in the game decide your future in the game.

The Bottom Line

Wyll is a Warlock of the fiend sub-class, so you have to choose one of the three pact boons for him.

In addition, the pact boons help to customize your playstyle and help during combat in the game.

Many players over the Internet believe that Wyll is mostly useful for the Pact of Blade.

However, you can make your own choices since your playstyle and preferences are personal.

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