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Who Is Grub The Cat In Baldur’s Gate 3?

In BG3, Grub the Cat is a talking animal players will encounter in the late game.

Players encounter this Cat in Act 3 when they reach Wyrm’s Crossing.

Grub the Cat is a fluffy orange cat owned by the character Yenna in BG3. As you interact with him, he will ask you to save Yenna but not let you pet him.

Please continue reading to learn who Grub the Cat is in BG3 and how to find her.

Who Is Grub The Cat?

Grub The Cat is the fluffy fur with a deep orange and timid personality in BG3.

This Cat shows up with an NPC named Yenna in Act 3.

However, there is a theory or scenario that the Cat might be her mother.

Yenna’s mother was sick and searched for herbs to heal herself, but she never returned.

She was also a shapeshifter like Orin, and she might have turned into Grub the Cat to run from the danger.

They also say that she became a cat to cure her terminal illness.

Grub The Cat
Grub The Cat is a cat owned by a little girl named Yenna.

There are no sufficient proofs or conformation of this theory.

Some players have cast spells on Grub to remove the curse, but none had any effect.

However, some tried to kill Grub to test what would happen by throwing him.

Yet, it is unnecessary since Grub will not die and do nothing.

Therefore, Grub the Cat might be a loyal cat who sincerely cares about his master.

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How To Find Grub The Cat In BG3?

To find Grub the Cat, players must reach the Wyrm’s Crossing. It is located on the outskirts of Baldur’s Gate.

While exploring there, you might run into a red-haired child named Yenna and Grub.

Yenna and Grub
The player will encounter Yenna and Grub once they reach the campsite of Wyrm’s Crossing.

The players must have a Speak with Animals spell to interact with Grub.

Once you interact with Grub, he will ask you to talk to Yenna.

You can also select another option where he will reveal why he is scared and not let you pet him.

Furthermore, he is the one who tells you about Jenna’s mother being sick and going to spend her last life.

Moreover, you can bring them back to the camp after you speak with Yenna. It will take some time to do so, but it is possible.

Other Cats Player Will Encounter In BG3

Grub is not the only fluffy Cute Cat you can talk to in Baldur’s Gate 3.

There are other Cats you can interact with. Here is the list of the Cats you can interact with;

  •  Tara: Tara is not purely a Cat; she is cute and elegant. One unique attribute of her is she has bird feathers on her leg.
  • Hiss Majesty: Hiss Majesty is one of the  Sphynx cats, and players can find him at Last Light Inn. He dislikes being disturbed, and once he loses patience, he shoos them away.
  • Kira the Cat: Players can gossip top-tier with Kira the Cat at Sharss’ Caress. She is a fluffy brown cat with bright blue eyes.
  • Steelclaw: Steelclaw is another Sphynx Cat. She usually hunts the illithid tadpon and tends to play with her prey before dealing the finishing blow.

The Bottom Line

GrubloyalCat is the cute and fluffy Cat you will meet in Baldur’s Gate 3. Furthermore, he is a loyal cat of an NPC called Yennna.

Moreover, there is the theory that Grub is the missing mother of Yenna.

However, the game has not released any information regarding this information.

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