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How To Obtain Beast Transformation In Xenoverse 2?

The Beast Transformation is among the exclusive skills in Dragonball Xenoverse 2.

Moreover, the skill enhances the attack power and the KI recovery in the battle.

Beast Transformation is an underrated buff suitable for all character races in Xenoverse 2. Players can get the Awoken by reaching the maximum friendship level with Piccolo and Gohan & Videl and later training with Piccolo.

Continue reading to learn more about the Beast Transformation and how to obtain it in Xenoverse 2.

Xenoverse 2 Beast Transformation: Overview

The Transformation of the Awoken skill provides a considerable buff and a unique attack set.

Multiple Awoken skills transformations exist, including Ultra Instinct, Potential Unleashed and Beast.

The Beast transformation can render for extended periods but is vulnerable to Heavy Attacks and Reverse Burst Dashes.

Thankfully, the Beast transformation applies to all custom character races.

With the Transformations, players can implement a gold-like skill in the battle.

Further, the Awoken skill can assist in automatically boosting the attack and KI and perform a special combo.

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Obtaining The Beast Transformation In Xenoverse 2

For those players who are willing to obtain the Beast Transformation, follow the given procedures;

1. Reach The Max Friendship Level

Initially, players should have maximum friendship with Piccolo and Gohan & Videl.

Players can complete the parallel quests as partners, train with them regularly, and play expert mission tours.

To gain the max level faster;

  • Head to the Time Nest area, approach Tokipedia and agree to play the quest.
  • Go to the Hero Of History and choose Piccolo and Gohan & Videl to finish the quest, which takes max three minutes to finish
  • Check the progress and repeat the process till the maximum friendship level

2. Approach Piccollo

After reaching the maximum friendship level with the couple and Picollo, players will get a message to start training with Piccolo.

Players should head towards Conton City, approach Piccolo and start interacting with the trainer.

Further, players should select Train me, or I want to train even more dialogue options.

xenoverse 2 beast transformation
Choose I want to train even more option.

Players should confront Piccolo when ready to begin Training in Xenoverse 2.

3. Start Training

Shortly after a cut-scene, The Super Ultimate Hero Awakens will begin a fierce battle against a Cell Max.

Players should defeat all the enemies to ensure their skills or health will be depleted.

For an easy victory, players should attack the enemy’s weakest spot, i.e., Head, and use the skills according to their character selection.

xenoverse 2 beast transformation
Defeat the enemy to get the Beast Transformation.

Also, try to stay passive, dodge the attacks and learn the enemy’s movement to catch it off-guard.

After the first health drainage of the enemy, players will receive the Beast Transformation and use the skill to clear the battle.

The Bottom Line

The Beast Transformation is a pretty underrated Awoken skill that poses a significant threat during the battle.

Moreover, it uses 500 KI and increases the Damage attack and KI restoration by 30% and 20%, respectively.

It can be a great replacement for other players who are switching from otherAwoken skills; however, it also increases the incoming attack.

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