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How To Treat Dislocated Shoulder In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, injuries play a significant role in combat and exploration.

One such injury that players may encounter is a Dislocated shoulder.

Dislocated shoulders can happen to the player character or NPC party members due to tough fights.

You can easily treat a Dislocated shoulder in Baldur’s Gate 3 with the help of healers in the Temple of Ilmater or Gale, who have herbal remedies that can speed the healing.

Continue reading more to find out how to treat your dislocated shoulder in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Causes Of A Dislocated Shoulder In Baldur’s Gate 3

The most common way to dislocate a shoulder in Baldur’s Gate 3 is during melee combat.

Shoulder joints are vulnerable, and powerful blows from enemies like goblins, cultists, or even fellow adventurers can pop a shoulder out of place.

Mages are also capable of dislocating shoulders with spells like Shocking Grasp if they critically hit the joint.

Shocking Grasp
The Shocking Grasp spell in BG3.

You may first realize a character’s shoulder is dislocated if you see the arm hanging limply or take ongoing damage each turn from the injury.

Effects Of A Dislocated Shoulder

In the game, characters cannot effectively wield weapons or cast spells with their injured arm.

When lifting or dragging items, their ability to carry things is reduced.

The injury imposes a disadvantage on strength checks, attacks, and dexterity checks using that arm for 1-3 days after being set.

Moreover, returning from combat and seeking treatment at the nearest settlement is the best option.

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How To Treat A Dislocated Shoulder?

In the Sword Coast, the most reliable places to treat dislocated shoulders are the cities Elturel and Neverwinter.

You can find the best healers at the Temple of Ilmater in the Slums district or the Promenade of the Dark Maiden in the Upper City.

In Elturel, the House of the Triad temple has skilled clerics.

Whereas Neverwinter has an infirmary in the Castle Ward and apothecaries throughout the city.

Alternative Ways To Treat Dislocated Shoulders

For adventurers exploring the countryside or Underdark, other options exist to treat Dislocated shoulders. 

Gale, the wizard companion, knows basic first aid and can pop the shoulder back in with a Medicine check.

bg3 gale
Gale has herbs that will speed your healing.

You can find the Druid Gale in Druid Grove, Cazador, which also has herbal remedies that can speed the healing of dislocated joints over a long rest.

In the goblin encampment, the hag Hagberry may assist, but she will demand a favor in return.

Deep in the ruins under Baldur’s Gate, the mind flayer settlement has advanced healing vats that can fully treat dislocated shoulders.

Tips To Prevent Dislocated Shoulder In BG3

For players controlling a character with a dislocated shoulder, the injury presents challenges that must be overcome through careful gameplay.

It is important to seek treatment before returning to combat in order to avoid the risk of further harm.

Initially, skills that do not rely on the injured arm, such as stealth, persuasion, or magic, may be better options.

Players can also choose the melee attack option when resisting the tentacles in the Underdark. This has a DC of 0, so even a critical fail will turn into a success.

Similarly, you can avoid getting hit by spells like Shocking Grasp that target the shoulder joint.

You can also use cover, shields, or counterspells to protect yourself.

The Bottom Line

Various reasons, including powerful blows and spells like Shocking Grasp, cause dislocated shoulder in BG3.

However, this is treatable, and with various safety measures and precautions, you will have your character’s Dislocated shoulder right in place.

With patience and proper medical attention, dislocated shoulders in Baldur’s Gate 3 can fully heal, allowing you to continue exploring with full functionality once more.

Happy Gaming!

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