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Find Follow 3 Routes In Zygarde Cells

Pokémon GO now has routes, enabling all trainers to embark on pre-planned excursions in their local area and even create their own to share with the rest of the globe.

While they will provide you with many benefits and possibilities to acquire Pokémon, there is also something more waiting for them.

Powerful Dragon/Ground type Zygarde can take one of three alternative paths, depending on the circumstance. These 3 routes—the 10% Forme, the 50% Forme, and the Complete Forme—offer Zygarde particular advantages and skills.

We shall examine the details of Routes in this article and how they relate to the thrilling Zygarde Special Research mission.

Continue reading the article to discover how to complete Follow 3 Routes and fine Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go.

What Are Routes?

Trainers are continuously looking for new challenges and adventures in the constantly changing world of Pokemon GO.

The idea of Routes is one such intriguing element that has recently been presented.

Routes are predetermined paths that Trainers can take and were made by various people and organizations, including Niantic, authorized partners, and other Trainers.

These routes present chances to discover Pokemon, find priceless things, and receive unique prizes.

Additionally, trainers may explore the world of Pokemon GO using Routes distinctively and engagingly.

They resemble guided tours and feature the top locations and activities that the Pokemon GO community enjoy.

Routes offer an immersive way to explore new places where you can interact with other Trainers on routes.

However, trainers must download the most recent Pokemon GO version before starting a Route-based adventure.

Once updated, all you have to do to go to Routes is tap on the Binoculars menu and choose the Route option.

Moreover, doing so makes a list of nearby places that are the starting points for various Routes visible.

When you choose “See Nearby Routes,” a map that shows a list of nearby Routes becomes larger.

Furthermore, trainers can sort these Routes based on proximity or other factors to choose the one most interesting.

What Is Zygarde?

In Pokémon GO, Zygarde is a legendary Pokémon that is of the dual types Ground and Dragon. It was initially introduced in Generation VI.

Find Zygarde following three routes
Once you find Zygarde, you get multiple rewards.

The “Order Pokémon” Zygarde personifies the universe’s inherent order. Zygarde appears in three different guides in Pokémon GO:

  1. 10% Forme: Zygarde’s base form is the least powerful of the three. You can find it by completing the From A to Zygarde Special Research or in the wild.
  2. 50% Forme: 10 Zygarde Cells can be fused to create the 50% Forme, which is more potent than the 10% Forme.
  3. Complete Forme: 50 Zygarde Cells and a Zygarde Core must be fused to create Zygarde’s most potent form, the Complete Forme.

Explore Zygarde Follow 3 Routes

The legendary Pokémon from the Kalos area, known as Zygarde, can be discovered in several places.

Find Zygarde Following 3 Routes
You can find Zygarde by following three routes.

You can find Zygarde following any three routes. Moreover, to improve your chances of discovering this potent Pokémon, use these routes.

Route 1: Terminus Cave

Near Route 18, in the southeast of the Kalos area, is where you may find Terminus Cave.

It would be best to have Strength to move the giant stones blocking the entrance to Terminus Cave.

Once inside the cave, please navigate its twisting passageways while bracing yourself for challenging wild Pokémon.

Zygarde can be found in Terminus Cave in a secret chamber far inside the cave.

Please find the correct route and avoid the end of the day.

It is suggested to carry a Pokémon with the ability to utilize Flash so you can navigate the cave more easily by lighting up the dim parts.

Being a formidable foe, Zygarde demands caution and preparation.

Route 2: Route 16

The Kalos region’s Route 16 is a protracted, twisting road that runs through its northwest corner.

On this path, you must travel the vast grass and find numerous wild Pokémon to discover Zygarde.

Remember that Zygarde is a rare Pokémon, so searching for it could take some time and persistence.

It is advised to utilize Pokémon with moves that cause sleep, paralysis, or other status ailments while exploring Route 16.

By weakening it with these maneuvers, you can boost your chances of capturing Zygarde.

The struggle can also be facilitated using moves that reduce Zygarde’s speed or defense.

Route 3: Pokémon Village

A little town called Pokémon Village may be found in the Kalos region’s northeast.

You must go down Route 20 through the deep forest to get to Pokémon Village. Once there, look about the neighborhood to discover Zygarde.

In Pokémon Village, Zygarde may be found close to the big tree in the middle of the settlement.

When you get close to the tree, Zygarde will show up for a fight.

Before battling Zygarde, make sure to put up a powerful team of Pokémon because it is an intimidating foe.

The Bottom Line

It cannot be easy to find Zygarde, but by taking these three routes, you can improve your chances of running across and catching this Legendary Pokémon.

Always be prepared with a powerful Pokémon team, and use status-affecting attacks to lessen Zygarde’s combat effectiveness.

Good luck on your quest to find Zygarde!

Continue reading to learn about how to Follow Routes in Pokémon Go.
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