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Redeem Codes For 2x exp In Blox Fruits 2024

In Blox Fruits, players are curious and excited to know all the 2X EXP codes for 2024.

You can redeem the 2X EXP codes for rewards like double exp gain in Blox Fruits.

The 2x exp codes in Blox Fruits 2024 are Sub2OfficialNoobie, StrawHatMaine, Bluxxy, NEWTROLL, Magicbus, etc., giving you double exp earning time after redeeming. Hence, you can use the experience to max up the level quickly in Bloxfruits.

Continue reading to learn more about gaining 2024 2x exp codes in Blox Fruits.

Redeem Codes For 2X EXP In Blox Fruits

In the world of Roblox, Bloxfruits keeps adding new elements to the game with exciting features.

One such element that enhances the gaming experience is the ability to utilize 2x EXP in the game.

Furthermore, you can redeem various codes in Blox Fruits to use the double exp gaining time.

You must enter gift codes in the reward codes section to redeem DLC items and gifts in Blox Fruits.

However, you must quickly redeem some cards as they are valid for only a few days in Blox Fruits.

The latest Blox fruit codes for 2x EXP 2024 are NEWTROLL, BigNews, Kitgaming, Magicbus, etc.

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What Are 2X EXP Codes For Blox Fruits 2024?

There are many free codes that you can use in 2024 to redeem rewards in Blox Fruits.

When you redeem the codes, you can get double exp earning time, beli, stat reset, in-game title, stat refund, etc as rewards.

Furthermore, various codes available for 2024 give you a certain time to gain double experience points.

For instance, redeem code Sub2OfficialNoobie  to get 20 20-minute 2X EXP boost in the game.

redeem 2x exp codes
The 2x exp codes will give players time to earn double experience in the game.

Redeem the code TheGreatAce to get a 20-minute EXP boost in Blox Fruits.

Hence, you can earn double experience 2X EXP for a straight 20 minutes in the game after redeeming the code.

Likewise, redeem code StrawHatMaine and TantaiGaming to gain 15 minutes of 2X EXP boost for each code.

The next code that still works in 2024 Blox Fruits is the BigNews, which gives you an in-game title as a reward.

Gain More 2X EXP By Redeeming Time Codes

When you type the correct code in the reward codes, it will successfully redeem your codes.

So, the best trick to gain more than one hour of 2X EXP in Blox Fruits is to keep redeeming the codes that give you time.

Hence, the 20-minute or 15-minute time gain will keep stacking to give you more than an hour for exp earning.

twenty minutes of 2x exp
When you redeem the 2x exp codes it will start a timer for a double experience earning period.

For instance, Sub2Daigrock and Sub2NoobMaster123 are the codes that give you 15 minutes of 2x exp points respectively.

Whereas the SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1 code will give you 30 minutes of 2x experience after you redeem it.

In addition,  Fdd10 can give you $1 and fudd10_v2 gives you $2 when you redeem them successfully in Bloxfruits.

Similarly, the Sub2UncleKizaru code gives you one stat refund which allows you to refund your stats and be able to add them to your Melee.

The other codes that give you 20 minutes of additional time for earning double exp are as follows:

  • Bluxxy
  • Kitgaming
  • Sub2CaptainMaui

Similarly, other 2x experience codes in Blox Fruits are as follows:

  • Starcodeheo
  • JCWK
  • Magicbus
  • Enyu_is_Pro
  • Sub2Fer999

The Bottom Line

Redeeming the 2x exp codes for 2024 can give you double exp, beli, stat reset, stat refund, etc in Blox Fruits.

However, some of the exp codes are valid for only a few days and some codes do not work in 2024.

So, redeem the codes quickly by typing them correctly and earn more experience to max up the level in Blox Fruits.

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