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BG3 Patch 6 Leaks And Release Date: New Mode Spoilers

In BG3, players are curious after the news of the patch 6 leaks going viral in the gaming community.

Even though Larian Studios has not officially announced the patch 6, players can see them working on it via SteamDb.

Hence, players are eagerly waiting and anticipating what could the new patch 6 bring in BG3 this time.

Continue reading to learn more about BG3 patch 6 leaks and when it is coming.

The Upcoming Patch 6 In Baldur’s Gate 3

The BG3 community is buzzing with discussions as the rumors of the new patch 6 started circulating all over the internet.

Hence, if you’re a fan of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re probably excited about the upcoming Patch 6 of the game.

Players get the leaks of new patch 6 from SteamDb, a secret place for game fans to find out what’s happening behind the scenes.

Similarly, SteamDB is hinting to the players that Larian Studios is indeed busy working on Patch 6 of BG3.

BG3 Patch 6
The backend from SteamDb clearly shows that Larian Studios is currently working on BG3’s new patch 6.

In addition, the title of the new patch 6 of BG3 is Release Uncore Patch 6 and it is dominating the change list.

It is safe to assume that patch 6 will be released soon as the title keeps popping up.

Since Patch 5 came out in November last year, we might see Patch 6 in the next two months or so.

However, there is no official announcement when the BG3 patch 6 will be released.

Tweet About The New Patch 6 Of BG3

The interesting part about the patch 6 leaks is someone tweeted exciting news about the upcoming patch calling it Incredible.

However, the tweet mysteriously disappeared, so players are now more than curious.

There was even a blurry picture in that tweet, making it more suspenseful.

Nevertheless, the tweet is no longer available, so it has left players wondering about the big reveal.

The tweet was from Lisa Kneidl where she shares her excitement about something incredible coming up in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Bg3 Patch 6 Leaks: What To Expect?

In the new patch 6 of BG3, Larian Studios has already confirmed that a photo mode is coming soon in the game.

Larion Studios has officially announced the photo mode in BG3 through various channels.

Hence, with the photo mode feature, players can capture and share their favorite game moments.

Although we’re unsure if it’s part of Patch 6, it seems like the perfect time for this fun addition.

Furthermore, Laraian Studio is releasing its next game, Divinity Original Sin 3, in 2029.

As the developers are already working for the next game they are also simultaneously working for BG3’s patch 6.

So, the reason behind the disappearance of the tweet may be that Larian Studios does not want to set high expectations among its fans.

Tweet about BG3 patch 6
The tweet about the BG3 patch 6 was mysteriously deleted, which is raising questions about what patch 6 is bringing.

Larian Studio is well aware that players expecting new DLC and more content in patch 6.

Hence, the tweet adds up to the player’s expectations so deleting it may be the way to tell there is no such big event coming.

Since Larian Studio is working on the next game, there may be no big expansion coming in BG3.

The new patch 6 of Baldur’s Gate 3 may bring some free smaller DLC this time.

For instance, you can access new character customizations in the game.

The new patch 6 brings in the photo mode, enhanced performance, and many bug fixes.

However, deleting the tweet may also be because Larian Studio wants to surprise players with a big expansion.

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